Legal Data Entry Services

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Legal Data Entry Services

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Offshore Online Data Entry creates many success stories by providing specialized legal data entry services. Nowadays, legal firms are outsourcing legal data entry services to streamline different office processes. OODE promises you that legal data entry experts can enhance the accuracy of your legal data assets and keep them secure.

Specialized LEGAL DATA ENTRY Services Offered

Data Entry for Case Details/Court Exhibit

Our legal data entry experts work dedicatedly and accurately to organize all the data in case details/court exhibits. As the data is structured, you can retrieve it in less time, boosting the efficiency of the entire legal process.

Insurance Claim Records

We provide top-notch service for data entry in insurance claim records. By digitizing these records, you can collaborate with your colleagues and make legal database management easier.

Data Entries of Mailing Lists and Labels

The legal data entry experts at Offshore Online Data Entry do the data entries of mailing lists and labels with quality. With this service, you can manage your clients’ contact information efficiently.

Immigration Forms

Professionals at OODE enter the data from immigration by focusing on accuracy. The data that the clients receive will be free of errors and can be used to make the immigration workflow much smoother.

Arbitration and Litigation Forms

Utilizing robust technologies, we convert all the data in arbitration and litigation forms accurately. This quality Arbitration and litigation form processing service facilitates the quick processing of arbitration and litigation forms.

Digitization of Data Entries

We provide digitization of data entries for the efficient storage of legal data. Furthermore, this leads to the easy retrieval of information and brings efficiency to the entire legal process in legal firms.

Legal Document Conversion

Our legal data entry team, which is aware of the methods to handle sensitive information, does legal data entry tasks with accuracy. With a legal data entry service from OODE, you can store, manage, and share legal data more quickly.

Legal Data Web Search

The legal data entry experts at Offshore Online Data Entry use the most modern search tools and software to provide quality legal research outsourcing. We have enough resources to satisfy the specific legal needs of our clients.

Attorney Research Data Entry

We provide top-quality research data entry service by giving attention to every detail and following confidentiality standards. With our service, you can keep your legal data well organized.

Arbitration Data Entry Services

Offshore Online Data Entry reduces the administrative burdens of legal officials and manages legal data by providing quality arbitration data entry services. The data entry experts at OODE conduct regular audits to ensure the completeness of the data entered.

Online and Offline Legal Data Entry Services

Based on the client’s requirements, we provide online/offline legal data entry services to legal organizations of any size. The legal data entry experts at OODE provide optimal legal solutions based on the different needs of legal firms.

Additional Specialized Services Offered

Court Forms.
Divorce Forms.
Legislation Scans.
Data Sorting and Cataloging.
Import/Export Legal Shipping Documents.
Compiling, Stacking, and Structuring of Data.

Legal Data Entry Services – Unmatched Attributes of Offshore Online Data Entry

Apex Protection

Offshore Online Data Entry employs various secure channels for transmitting data to avoid unauthorized interception. Also, firewalls and antivirus software are installed to protect the data from malicious attacks.

Swift Project Delivery

By doing tasks based on priority, taking regular updates from the employees, and using robust technologies and advanced methods, OODE completes the project before the deadline. The legal data entry experts at OODE focus on delivering the project without any delay.

Moderately Priced Services

Offshore Online Data Entry focuses on providing effective solutions to businesses of any size. The experts at OODE work on delivering high-quality services at budget-friendly prices.

Decade of Experience

Backed by ten years of experience, Offshore Online Data Entry efficiently manages legal data from firms of any size. Legal data entry professionals handle the data by concentrating on the confidentiality of legal data and delivering genuinely effective solutions.

All-Inclusive Solutions

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, the legal data entry experts at Offshore Online Data Entry offer holistic legal data entry services to clients. The solutions offered by OODE will certainly satisfy clients’ unique requirements.

Multilingual Legal Experts

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of multilingual legal data entry experts who can work by crossing language barriers. That is, OODE delivers multilingual solutions that meet high quality.

What makes Offshore Online Data Entry Services an Ideal Choice to Outsource Legal Data Entry?

High Quality

Offshore online Data Entry is always committed to providing top-quality services to clients. By utilizing advanced legal data entry tools, the legal data entry experts at OODE provide service that goes beyond the expectations of clients.

Customer Oriented Approach

The legal data entry experts at OODE always concentrate on clients’ requirements while outsourcing services to law firms. Furthermore, the data entry professionals work meticulously to align their specialized services with client requirements

Notable Scalability

The legal data entry services are built in such a manner that they can meet the varying workload much more quickly. Based on the growing needs of clients, the data entry experts at OODE adept themselves and provide solid legal data entry solutions.

Well- Qualified Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of legal data entry experts picked up from various parts of the globe. These experts who have knowledge in this domain deliver top results that can bring efficiency to the operations of your company.

Top Productivity

As Offshore Online Data Entry tailored legal data entry solution, their clients can save a lot in terms of time, cost, and effort. And these resources that went unused are utilized for the core activities of the company, which finally boosts productivity.

World- Class Service

OODE has ISO certification, and legal data entry experts follow high top standards to provide world-class service to the clients. Offshore Online Data Entry conducts audits frequently and makes sure that everything functions in the proper manner.

No.1 Legal Data Entry Service Company in India

Offshore Online Data Entry is a top-notch service provider in India. As India has grown into a global outsourcing hub, you can avail many benefits if you choose OODE as your outsourcing partner.

The prime benefit that a client of OODE can receive is the cost-benefit. The labor costs in India are comparatively low, which makes it possible for outsourcing companies to offer services at affordable rates.

The legal data entry experts at OODE have enough knowledge of legal terminologies and industry standards and are proficient in the English language.

These factors facilitate the legal data entry solutions of high quality and seamless communication with clients. Additionally, the time zone difference and quality telecom infrastructure ensure round-the-clock service without any constraints.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

What is legal data entry?

It is the conversion of legal data in documents to digital format. This is a format that facilitates the easy accessibility of information.

What are the different measures you take to maintain the confidentiality of your client data?

We include secure data transfer protocols and double verification methods to protect the data from breaches.

Do you offer a free trial of legal data entry service?

Yes, we provide a free trial for those clients who need it.

Can you handle large volumes of legal data?

We have enough technology and a workforce to handle any amount of legal data.

What is the pricing structure of your service?

Offshore Online Data Entry offers a pricing structure that is affordable to businesses of any size.

How can I share my documents with Offshore Online Data Entry?

You can send your documents either through our FTP servers or encrypted emails.

Will I get support after the delivery of my project?

Yes, on request, we provide post-delivery support.

What is the turnaround time for a project?

The turnaround time for a project depends on the volume, complexity, and deadline of the project.

What details should I include in the proposal?

You must include details of your requirements, data types, volume of data, deadlines, and cost expectations in your proposal.

Can I know the various payment options you have?

You can use a credit card or Gpay to make the payments.

Case Studies

Enhancing Legal Data Management with Comprehensive Solutions

Overview of Our Client

Our client was a well-known legal firm in the United States.


They faced challenges in keeping quality legal assets due to errors in manual data entry and incomplete data.

How We Assisted Our Client?

Our legal data entry experts analyzed the issues confronted by the firm and developed a customized solution to deal with them. By using Optical Character Recognition, they extracted even the minute details in the document and entered them with the utmost care. Before the final delivery, we conducted automated validation checks to ensure the accuracy of the data.

What was the End Result?

The client could keep legal data of high quality and accuracy. Additionally, their large volume of legal data was organized correctly.


As the client received assistance from Offshore Online Data Entry to do the daunting task of data entry, the in-house employees could focus on the critical activities in the legal firm. To be more specific, the firm could focus on providing the best service to its clients.

Accelerating Efficiency through Legal Data Entry Services

Overview of Our Client

Our client was a well-known legal firm in Canada.


They faced challenges in accessing crucial documents in less time. Also, they faced increases in operational costs as they kept everything in hard copies.

How We Assisted Our Client?

Leveraging the power of advanced tools, our legal data entry experts entered the data efficiently. After the data entry process, our team of quality checkers conducted the audit and fixed the errors found during the audit. Our data experts also implemented solid, secure data handling measures to store the data safely from theft and attack.
Additionally, by inserting proper keywords, they indexed all the legal data.

What was the End Result?

As the data was digitized, the officials at the legal firm could access the documents at any time from anywhere. Also, as the data was indexed properly, they could find the information within less time.


With our strategic approach, our client received improved efficiency and less operational cost.

Latest Trends in Legal Data Entry

The legal Industry is moving through rapid transformations with the intervention of the most advanced legal technologies. As Offshore Online Data Entry concentrates on providing quality service to their clients, OODE is updated with these technologies. That is, Offshore Online Data Entry provides rigorous training to legal data entry experts to make them aware of the new technologies in this domain.
OCR is a technology that is widely used in the legal data entry field. The data entry experts at OODE are efficient at using this tool and producing digital text from scanned documents.
Sometimes, it will be difficult to understand the meaning of some legal terms used in legal documents. However, by utilizing the potential of natural language processing (NLP), data entry experts at OODE comprehend the meaning of legal terms and understand the critical concept of a legal document.
Legal data is something that has to be handled with utmost care as it will contain crucial information related to the clients. The data entry experts at OODE use a Cloud system to store the data and infuse enough security measures to protect the data from malicious attacks.

OODE- Reputed Outsourcing Service Provider in India.

With a proven record of 10 plus years in legal data entry service, Offshore Online Data Entry is able to satisfy any requirements of clients.

The state-of-the-technologies and our workforce are our assets that aid us to adapt to the quickly changing business environment with much ease.

We always work with a commitment to deliver the best service to our clients in less time at affordable rates. Offshore Online Data Entry promises you that we can be your reliable partner by providing strong solutions.

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