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Are you tired of managing book stacks and manual documents? We know the struggle to keep up with printed materials. Worry no more, your solution is here! Offshore Online Data Entry is the premier destination for professional book conversion that offers a wide array of solutions dedicated to transforming printed documents into dynamic digital editions. As a leading provider of book conversion services, OODE is proud of our adherence to ISO, SOC, and other achievements that reflect our commitment to industrial quality standards.

OODE’s Comprehensive Book Conversion Solutions

E-Book Conversion Services

Breathe new life into your written works by transforming them into versatile digital formats that captivate readers and compatibility across different platforms seamlessly.

E-Journal Conversion Services

Transform your outdated print journals into interactive digital editions. Convert your scholarly articles, research findings, or academic publications into user-friendly formats that guarantee maximum reach.

E-Zine Conversion Services

Convert magazines, newsletters, and periodicals into visually stunning digital editions that empower publishers, marketers, and content creators to resonate with readers.

E-Research Paper Conversion Services

Showcase your academic research, scientific publications, and scholarly articles in digital formats that meet the highest standards of accessibility, readability, and reach.

E-Brochure Conversion Services

Experience a seamless transition from traditional printed documents into visually striking digital assets. Convert product catalogs, promotion materials, event brochures, company profiles, or promotion materials into digital formats.

E-Publishing Conversion Services

Digitize printed materials, manuscripts, and other forms of content into digital formats seamlessly. OODE integration employs interactive features, multimedia elements, and user-friendly navigation that improves the overall reader experience.

Why OODE is the Clear Choice for Seamless Book Conversions?

ISO Certification

Entrust your data needs to an expert partner that adheres to ISO standards in quality of work. Make sure that all your data is handled with the highest level of precision and security.

Flexible Choices

Simplify and optimize your complex operations with flexible choices in pay, time, and labor. Adapt to changing needs and scale according to your business evolves.

Maximum Operational Excellence

Achieve maximum performance and operational excellence in OODE services and operations that guarantee the highest standards of quality you deserve.


Minimize risks of potential liabilities with OODE specialized E-book services. Maintain uniformity in results and top-tier performance that guarantee reliable product quality.

Decade of Data Expertise

Leverage diverse market knowledge and real-time insights with OODE partnership and a rich history of successful project deliveries globally.

India: The Harmony of Outsourcing Brilliance

Time Zone Benefits

India’s strategic positioning and time zone differences allow businesses to have a continuous workflow, operational excellence, and 24/7 availability throughout the project.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Indian labor costs and pay scales are cost-effective compared to other parts of the globe. You can avail of our quality services that help businesses improve their expenditures to core business functions.

Multiple Language Proficiency

Drive international expansion and brand visibility with OODE’s team of data experts proficient in multiple languages that improve accessibility and create new opportunities for global expansion.

Government Support

The Indian government is investing in advanced technology, incentives, foreign collaborations, and new policies that contribute to offshore outsourcing culture.

Global Business Presence

The substantial presence, establishments, and franchising of global companies in India foster a culture of innovation, technological growth, and cross-cultural synergies.

Experience the OODE Advantage

Cost and Time Savings

Reduce overhead costs and expenditures to a minimum with the best outsourcing strategies where businesses can achieve substantial costs in staffing, technology, and time.

Ease of Scalability

Adapt seamlessly to your evolving needs and market demands. OODE offers quality services that expand and contract in response to your product requirements seamlessly.

Business Focus

Concentrate on prior business objectives by reducing the burden of book management, market reach, and customer relationships effectively. Embrace a culture of continuous improvement and forward momentum.

Language Proficiency

The widespread use of English as a business language fosters seamless collaboration with clients hailing from different parts of the globe. Collaborate with professionals who share years of expertise, outsourcing partnerships, and language proficiency.

A dedicated team of Data Specialists

OODE’s expert team of data specialists guarantees precision, creativity, and attention to detail. Tap into the pool of talent to access our diverse range of skills that enrich the quality and impact of all our offerings.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

What type of printed content can be converted into e-book formats with your e-book conversion services?

OODE E-book conversion services help businesses to digitize printed books, academic publications, journals, research papers, brochures, newspapers, etc.

How does e-book conversion enhance the accessibility and usability of content for readers?

OODE E-book conversion enhances accessibility and compatibility of the content by digitizing them efficiently. Electronic formats can be easily accessed on multiple devices and formats, leading to an improved reading experience.

How does e-book conversion benefit authors and publishers?

By digitizing printed books and paper materials, authors can expand their digital reach, discover the content, reduce distribution charges, and easily preserve original content.

What factors should authors and publishers consider when choosing an e-book conversion service provider?

It’s vital for businesses to check for factors such as experience, certifications, achievements, security, pricing, and customer support before you hand over the project.

Can you manage complex formatting complex formatting and layout requirements for different types of content?

Absolutely, our e-book conversion services can organize a wide range of formats and layout requirements for a wide range of content, including scholarly publications, journals, magazines, research papers, books, and brochures.

What are the typical turnaround times for E-book conversion projects?

The turnaround times for our e-book conversion projects vary according to the volume and scope of the project. OODE team uses advanced automation and the latest advanced technologies to achieve maximum productivity.

What security measures do you employ to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the content?

OODE employs stringent security measures and protocols in all our dedicated services. Your data and assets will be protected with data encryptions, security transfer protocols, 24/7 monitoring, and compliance with the latest protection regulations.

How do you ensure seamless communication and collaboration with authors or publishers throughout the process?

Our personalized services and offerings prioritize seamless communication with our custom communication channels, portals, and software that ensure prompt response and collaboration throughout the project.

Can I avail of OODE E-book conversion services for a short time period of 3 months?

OODE’s personalized services offer flexible solutions, allowing businesses to effortlessly measure and pay on an hourly, daily, or project basis.

How many years of expertise do you have in offshore outsourcing?

Offshore online data entry is one of the leading Indian outsourcing service providers that shares over a decade of expertise in conversion services.

Case Studies

Case Study 1


Our client is a leading publisher based in Edinburgh, UK. They have a solid background of experience over eight years assisting different sectors such as educational, commercial, and medical organizations, assisting them with an extensive collection of research papers, journals, academic publications, and magazines from different sources.


Managing paper documents and their extensive collection of printed books was a heavy and time-consuming task. With its wide array of printed books, it was difficult to preserve printed books and expand its reach to a broader audience.


After addressing their issues, OODE E-book Conversion Services was the perfect choice for the situation. Our e-book conversion service was able to convert printed books into your required electronic format effortlessly. Our conversion team began organizing the whole section and converting text, images, and layout details without losing the integrity of the source content.


After the successful partnership with OODE, Our E-book conversion service has successfully expanded its digital presence to a broader audience. The client reported an improvement in reading experience across multiple platforms. In addition, our transformation enabled the client to tap into the new market of digital readers.

Case study 2


Our client is a multinational real estate company that has a decent portfolio of properties across Europe. They are using printed with a diverse portfolio of properties across various regions. The client used printed brochures, documents, and old cabinets to showcase their properties to their potential buyers, investors, and clients.


The client faced problems in the distribution and marketing of their extensive collection of printed brochures. It was expensive and difficult to update content in a timely manner. Moreover, the printed brochures hindered their ability to reach a wider audience apart from physical distribution.


In response to the challenges, OODE stepped into the scenario with specialized E-brochure services that accurately convert paper brochures into digital formats ideal for seamless distribution and accessibility. Therefore, OODE commenced by arranging the brochures into a digital layout, ensuring that no information was overlooked.


The digitization of brochures made a significant improvement to their marketing and administrative strategies. The client reported an 11% rise in queries, emails, and social media platforms within the first couple of months. Potential buyers and clients showed more interest and confidence in their properties.

Cutting-edge Trends in Book Transformation Services

Custom portals and workflows

Guarantee collaborates with OODE’s personalized communication channels, portals, and custom channels, which allow publishers, authors, and management to receive prompt updates and reporting.

Data Analytics for Reader Insights

Leverage advanced data analytic tools to make informed decisions and impactful insights from digitized content.

Blockchain for Copyright Protection

Establish a transparent and secure copyright management system with OODE’s blockchain technology that guarantees a verifiable record of ownership and usage rights for E-books.

Global Language Support

Enjoy seamless distribution of your content that supports multiple languages and character sets, ensuring a truly global reach and engagement with diverse audiences.

Scalable Infrastructure

Digitize a wide array of printed materials from extensive departments to scale up and optimize your operations without the need for substantial investments in infrastructure and resources.

OODE- Your Trusted Business Ally

Offshore Online Data Entry is honored to be counted among the leading providers of book conversion services in India. The OODE team possesses a deep understanding of your intricate needs in the technology industry. OODE’s commitment to excellence uplifts businesses by offering innovative conversion strategies that precisely align with your business operations. Offshore online data entry leverages the latest equipment and industrial best practices that allow businesses to gain significant traction from competitors. Reach us and discover the true potential of your business with our strategic solutions and services.

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