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Offshore Online Data Entry is the No.1 outsourcing partner that offers superior services for healthcare providers worldwide. OODE offers a wide range of healthcare data entry solutions tailored to centralize daily operations, ensuring efficient processes and a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry.

Backed by a decade of experience and ISO, SOC, and HIPAA certifications, we guarantee that your data is handled with confidentiality and in line with the latest industrial standards. Partner up and strengthen your competitive position with our trusted healthcare data entry services now.

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Medical Records Data Entry

Organize your patient medical records into digitized formats. Our expert team can transform critical medical data into a structured database according to your needs and requirements.

Image Record Data Entry

The OODE expert team of professionals can seamlessly convert diverse medicinal imaging data into any required format to streamline healthcare workflows.

Patient Encounter Records data entry

Capture and organize comprehensive patient interactions accurately. OODE patient encounter records enable healthcare organizations to maintain detailed patient records that include medical visits, test results, diagnoses, treatment, and medications effectively.

Lab or Test Records Data Entry

We offer error-free digitization of lab results and tests with the latest technology extraction tools that guarantee precision and integrity in every record.

Dental Claims Forms Data Entry

OODE dental support team processes accurate dental claim forms with precision and efficiency. OODO offers specialized services dedicated to the dental industry with timely processing and reimbursement of dental claims.

Billing & Accounts Data Entry

Streamline and manage your billing complexities with our expert accounts team. OODE offers specialized services for account handling, where our expert team takes charge of billing and manages your revenue cycle.

OODE Value-Added Services

What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors?

Cost and Time Savings

OODE offers flexibility in its offerings powered by the latest technologies that enable healthcare organizations to save time and budget.

Scalability Options

We offer tailored services and offerings for businesses where you can upsize or downsize labor, resources, and other elements to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Measure and Pay

OODE services and pricing structure enable businesses to measure and pay accurately. You have the flexibility to engage with experienced professionals on an hourly basis, based on the volume of work, or through project-based terms.

Do you provide services to streamline medical billing and claim processing?

Absolutely, OODE offers dedicated services to streamline medical billing and claim processing. Our healthcare data entry firm ensures confidentiality and security throughout the process.


As a proud holder of ISO certification and compliance, OODE guarantees the highest standards of data security and confidentiality in a partnership.

Decades of Data Expertise

With our wealth of experience spanning over a decade, our expert team can commit and deliver large-scale projects with 100% accuracy.

Additional Values Offered By OODE

Consistent Quality

OODE control measures and standardized processes ensure that every project meets the highest industrial standards.

Improved Productivity

Our dedicated services and streamlined workflows ensure businesses achieve maximum output with the least downtime.

A Dedicated Team Of Data Specialists

OODE data specialists monitor tasks and operations 24/7 to ensure that your project is handled with utmost care and expertise.

Timely Project Delivery

OODE offers a premium express delivery service that’s committed to delivering the project timely without compromising the quality of the project.

One-Stop Data Management Solution

Our comprehensive suite of services offers personalization where you can avail one-stop solution to carry out multiple operations at once

Perks of Offshoring Healthcare BPO Operations to India

Outsourcing to India is a smart move for businesses if you seek quality work under a transparent budget. Outsourcing daily tasks to Indian Healthcare Data Entry firms allows businesses to collaborate with skilled professionals who have proven expertise across different business sectors.

Businesses can rely on Indian BPO 24/7 due to the time zone advantage that ensures seamless communication. The majority of outsourcing firms work 24/7 with multiple shifts.

Indian BPO culture fosters an environment that invests in the latest technology and infrastructure to deliver projects of all sizes. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of personalized offers and packages based on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions on OODE Healthcare Data Entry Services

Can you integrate OODE services into a healthcare organization's existing operational workflow?

Sure, OODE follows comprehensive onboarding processes with our skilled employees that ensure seamless integration with an existing operational model.

How do you guarantee cooperation in extensive projects that require operations across multiple shifts?

Offshore online data entry uses personalized communication channels and live collaboration applications that foster an environment of regular updates, meetings, and accurate reporting strategies.

How do you deal with operational disruptions or downtime?

OODE services are monitored 24/7 by expert data analysts to find potential bottlenecks or disruptions in the workflow. Moreover, we follow robust contingency plans combined with advanced risk management strategies that ensure an organized workflow.

Is OODE's mortgage data entry service customizable to specific client requirements?

Yes, OODE realizes that client requirements may change. The service is customizable to accommodate specific requirements and preferences.

How do you monitor and measure the performance of your services?

We conduct regular audits and reviews on a timely basis that enable us to monitor, assess, and measure the quality of services effectively.

What types of administrative tasks can be outsourced to healthcare BPO providers?

OODE offers a wide range of services that can streamline healthcare operations and tasks from data entry, medical coding, billing, claims processing, patient registration, etc.

How do you ensure that healthcare BPO services align with the operational goals and objectives of the healthcare organization?

OODE Healthcare data entry solutions monitor their services through service level agreements, performance indicators, and feedback mechanisms to ensure that the services are aligned with healthcare objectives and goals.

Can you streamline patient data records?

Yes, we provide specialized services to manage appointments, schedules, and reminders effectively. OODE customized applications and automation models can accurately manage patient schedules, appointments, and reminders.

What are the advantages of outsourcing medical billing and coding?

As we share the expertise of over a decade, OODE services enable healthcare organizations to maintain accurate databases in processing, billing, and claim management. This allows companies to focus on giving quality patient care.s.

Do you provide customer support services to address patient inquiries and assistance?

Absolutely, we provide specialized services for customer support. OODE services use the latest technological advancements, such as automation, self-learning algorithms, and bots that can address inquiries promptly.

How data analytics can streamline healthcare services?

Expert healthcare BPO solutions use the latest technology strategies to simplify the process. Moreover, real-time data analytics enable businesses to forecast situations and optimize workflows that are ideal for carrying out claims, insurance, and data entry activities.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Overview of Our Client

Our client is a leading healthcare facility based in New Orleans, Louisiana. They’re a healthcare provider that runs a wide range of services that includes specialized treatments, wellness programs, vaccinations, and preventive care. However, with the rise of appointments and cases per day, managing administrative tasks and confidential records was risky.

Challenges Faced By Our Client

The client was not happy with inaccurate patient records and pending work each day. Manual entry and management of patient records affected the quality of patient care and led to delays, errors, and an unstructured database management system. So, an efficient healthcare database management model was the best solution to sort out the issues effectively.

How We Assisted Them

To address the challenges faced by the client, we implemented a personalized healthcare data entry and management model for them. OODE team got off to a good start by assessing their existing administrative models and addressing root causes. Then, we substituted their traditional data entry methods with the OODE healthcare data entry model that uses intelligent automation tools and accurate capture tools.

The End Results

OODE has effectively digitized and automated its traditional manual entry processes into a well-organized database, enabling effortless access for all healthcare staff. OODE’s healthcare data entry and digitization solutions resulted in substantial improvements for the healthcare facility, including enhanced patient care, streamlined workflow, and adherence to the latest industry standards.

Case study 2

Overview of Our Client

Our client is a dental clinic from Houston, Texas. They offer a wide range of dental services, such as extractions, restorations, claim and insurance processing, etc. They are open from Monday to Friday to do dental checkups, fillings, processing works, and other specialized treatments. Managing patients and processing claims simultaneously was challenging for in-house employees.

Challenges Faced By Our Client

The client faced challenges to focus on patient care and claim processing at the same time. Manual entry and processing of these forms disrupted patient care operations such as late appointments, schedules, and meetings. Furthermore, they began to see discrepancies in patient health record databases.

How We Assisted Them

After a thorough assessment of the dental practices and management, we introduced a dedicated dental claim forms data entry to streamline daily tasks and reduce human errors. OODE team used advanced data entry tools and techniques to automate dental claim forms, insurance requirements, and patient record management in a structured manner.

The End Results

After the successful handover of the project, the dental practice experienced a significant transformation in its overall operational efficiency. OODE dental claim form data entry team successfully organized claims, insurance, processing, and documentation into a structured database. OODE database model allowed seamless access to real-time status of claims, insurance, and other operations efficiently.

Latest Trends And Advancements In Healthcare Data Entry


OODE culture continuously invests in and adapts to the latest technological solutions, such as electronic health records, to capture, store, and share patient information effectively. EHR systems enable healthcare providers to access critical data in real-time, regardless of location and time.

Telemedicine Platforms For Remote Data Entry

Telemedicine channels are integrated with data entry systems that facilitate virtual consultation, data collection, and active monitoring. This integration allows seamless data entry from any location, enabling healthcare providers to access and update crucial information in real time, regardless of the location.

AI And Ml Tech

Self-learning algorithms and automation are widely used to forecast and make informed decisions based on real-time datasets. These technologies enable healthcare organizations to predict the condition, recovery, and diagnosis of an illness or a patient accurately.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is used to extract valuable insights from unstructured healthcare data such as clinic notes, reports, or personal narratives. Natural language processing algorithms enable healthcare professionals to derive patterns and trends by improving the overall quality of healthcare data.

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