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Storing and keeping the hard copies of office records safe is paramount. This requires ample space in the office and is also a cumbersome task. By partnering with a specialized scanning and indexing service provider, you can concentrate on your core competencies without worrying about the complexities of paperwork. Outsourcing offers expertise in efficiently digitizing documents, guaranteeing accuracy and keeping the data security standards. This not only mitigates the operational expenses but also improves productivity by removing the requirements for internal resources committed to these tasks. Furthermore, outsourcing enables businesses to employ state-of-the-art technology and scalable solutions customized to their particular requirements leading to quick turnaround times and enhanced accessibility to vital data.
Outsourcing scanning and indexing services allow businesses to remain competitive by enhancing their document management workflows, improving data integrity, and driving better decision making processes. Offshore Online Data Entry is a leading outsourcing service provider with over a decade of experience in managing various business processes across different parts of the world.

Our Wide Range of Dedicated Scanning and Indexing Services

Document Scanning Services

The process of converting physical documents into digital formats, including PDFs, or electronic files using different scanners and software is termed as document scanning. Hiring OODE for your document scanning requirements helps your business in boosting efficiency and productivity, mitigating costs, improving data security and compliance, enhancing document accessibility and searchability as well as promoting sustainability.

Document Indexing Service

Document indexing process involves the method of structuring and categorizing digital documents to make them easily searchable and retrievable. OODE’s expertise in document indexing services ensure flawless accuracy and fast turnaround time freeing up your in-house team and accelerating productivity.

OCR ICR Services

OCR and ICR technologies are employed to extract text from documents, but they differ in their potential. OCR is for machine-generated or clearly printed text. ICR is for handwritten text, delivering better accuracy than basic OCR. partnering with an outsourcing service provider like OODE facilitates businesses with expertise and high accuracy, cost-effectiveness, scalability, efficiency, security, and compliance.

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Why OODE is your Ultimate Choice for Scanning and Indexing Outsourcing

Expertise and Experienc

OODE houses a talented team of professionals with profound expertise and experience in document scanning and indexing. Their adept knowledge facilitates accurate and efficient management of documents, mitigating the risk of errors and guaranteeing high-quality digitization.

Latest Technology

In order to deliver efficient outcomes, OODE employs advanced tools and technologies for scanning and indexing services. Resulting in quick processing times, better accuracy rates, and the potential to manage bulk volumes of documents efficiently.

Customized Solutions

OODE delivers personalized solutions customized to meet the distinct requirements of your business. OODE has the potential to scale their services to fulfill your specific requirements whether its document scanning, OCR capabilities or consolidating with the prevailing systems.


The major benefit in outsourcing scanning and indexing services to OODE can result in considerable cost savings. By removing the requirement for investing in expensive tools, hiring specialized staff, and handling the process internally, you can minimize operational expenses and allocate resources strategically.

OODE Scanning and Indexing Workflow

Initial Consultation and Analysis

The process begins by performing an in-depth consultation with the client to know their unique requirements, kinds of document, volumes and desired results. Additionally, evaluates the current document management processes and systems to discover the possibilities for improvement.

Collecting Requirements and Planning

After consulting, we gather the requirements including indexing criteria, metadata requirements, and desired output formats. Further we create an extensive project plan that details timelines, resource requirements, and milestones.

Technology Selection and Setup

Once we gather the requirements, we proceed to choose the appropriate scanning hardware and software tools on the basis of project requirements and clients preferences. Then we configure and develop the required infrastructure, incorporating servers, storage, and document management software.

Scanning and Indexing Execution

Now we get into the crucial step of implementing scanning and indexing processes as per the project plan and client requirements. Leverage best practices and quality control measures to ensure precise and consistent results.

Quality Assurance and Testing

At OODE, we conduct frequent quality assurance checks throughout the scanning and indexing process to recognize and rectify any errors or inconsistencies. Moreover, we conduct comprehensive testing of the indexed documents to assure that they fulfill the client’s expectations and quality standards.

Training and Onboarding

We offer training sessions for the client’s staff on preparing the documents for scanning, using the document management system, and interpreting indexed data. Our experts ensure that the client’s team is completely onboarded and comfortable with the scanning and indexing process.

Delivery and Deployment

Now we deliver the project to the client as per the agreed timeline. We ensure a seamless deployment process, including assistance with data migration, consolidation with prevailing systems and user training as required.

Post-Deployment Support

After the deployment, we provide continuous support and maintenance services to address any issues or concerns that arise after the project is completed. Offer proactive monitoring and optimization to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the scanning and indexing solution.

Get Effortless Access to your Data with OODE’s Scanning and Indexing Service

Data is vital in the current digital world. But storing everything in paper documents can impede your organization’s development and productivity. An effective solution that most companies adopt in this scenario is outsourcing scanning and indexing services. Associating with a seasoned and professional outsourcing provider like OODE will help you gain effortless access to advanced technology, professionals and secure infrastructure. These professionals convert your paper heaps into searchable digital assets, effortlessly available at your fingertips. This benefits you with accelerated productivity, streamlined workflow, improved security, and compliance.

Let’s empower your organization to prosper with OODE’s scanning and indexing expertise.

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