Document Indexing Services

Do you face difficulty in managing documents? Are you in search of document-scanning experts? Want to turn your digital documents into an easily navigable archive? This is the ideal moment to approach Offshore Online Data Entry, a renowned document indexing service provider in India. The document scanning experts at OODE work dedicatedly to make it easier for clients to locate and access crucial business data. Furthermore, the service of OODE aids businesses to make data-driven decisions faster and reduce operational costs.

Full-Text Indexing Services

Leveraging advanced technologies, data indexing experts at Offshore Online Data Entry index a large volume of complex data to get exact search results. With the service, you can ensure quick access to intended results. Furthermore, experts are experienced in handling extensive databases, archives, or documents in various formats.

Bar-Code Indexing Services

We offer our clients reliable and advanced bar-code indexing services by employing robust technologies. Our service can improve tracking accuracy and save you valuable time and resources. Furthermore, you can streamline your business operations and improve productivity.

OCR Indexing Services

We are a leading data OCR indexing service company serving business from different industry verticals. With our service, you can improve productivity and enhance the profit of business organizations smartly. Choosing our service is the best way to enhance the profit of your business.

Manual Indexing Services

Offshore Online Data Entry is a known manual indexing service provider that helps businesses worldwide. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies and software, you can make a great difference in your company. Choose our service to make a difference in your organization.

Land Record Indexing

Land recording indexing service is one of the most popular services worldwide. It will be a great assistance for you if you choose our service. It will bring a significant difference in a matter of time and cost. Land Record has a lot to bring to the industry. This service makes an organization much more robust.

Medical Records Indexing

Medical records indexing is a significant service in the medical domain. Our skilled experts are very experienced in doing this with much efficiency. Furthermore, we have enough resources to meet any of your requirements. Choose us to experience the best.

Accounts Payable Records Indexing

We are a leading accounts payable records indexing service in India. With our robust resources, you can make a notable change in your accounts payable records. Choose us when you need expert assistance in your accounts payable records indexing section.

HR records Indexing

Offshore Online Data Entry provides unparalleled HR records indexing services to clients from different industry verticals. By partnering with Offshore Online Data Entry, you can bring high efficiency and expertise. HR Records indexing will improve employee satisfaction and build a robust business environment. By creating a pleasant business landscape, you can improve the ROI.

Document Indexing Services – Unique Attributes of Offshore Online Data Entry

Supreme Security

Data security is a top priority for Offshore Online Data Entry (OODE). The company implements security by ensuring proper physical security and adopting necessary access controls. Furthermore, OODE uses security solutions like firewalls, anti-virus software, etc., to ensure the safe sharing of data.

Prompt Fixes

Quicker response time is the hallmark of Offshore Online Data Entry. The document indexing experts at OODE respond to customer requirements and doubts swiftly. Faster and quicker aid the businesses to work smoothly.

Affordable Services

Offshore Online Data Entry offers services at reasonable rates. Furthermore, OODE is aware of the budget constraints that everyone faces and tailors service packages so that clients can access our services and get the best for their investment.

Years of Experience

With a decade of experience in this field, Offshore Online Data Entry has gained expertise in various industries and provides excellent service to clients. The seasoned document indexing experts at OODE are all equipped to handle complex data.

Comprehensive Solutions

OODE offers an inclusive suite of BPO solutions to clients. Offshore Online Data Entry frees up resources and employees from mundane business activities by offering such services.

Multilingual Experts

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of multilingual experts who can manage documents in various languages.

Why Outsource Document Indexing Services to Offshore Online Data Entry Services?

Utmost Quality

Offshore Online Data Entry offers a broad range of top-quality document indexing services by using the right technologies and updated document indexing methods. The error free document indexing services of OODE will aid business organizations to get great experience in this specific domain.

Client-Centric Approach

Offshore Online Data Entry takes a customer-centric approach to maintain solid customer relationships. This approach places customer requirements, suggestions, and satisfaction as the primary focus. In short, by providing personalized solutions, OODE is creating a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Advanced Scalability

Scalability is the hallmark of Offshore Online Data Entry. That is, OODE has the most modern technologies and highly skilled document scanning experts who are flexible to the changing demands of the business landscape. The scalable services of OODE help companies function without missing any opportunities.

High-Skilled Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of skilled document indexing experts who have deep knowledge of using advanced technologies for indexing work. They are also capable of managing time and finishing the assigned activities before the deadline. Furthermore, they have skills in better communication and collaboration.

Maximize Productivity

Offshore Online Data Entry explores its resources to do the daunting and time-consuming activities related to document indexing services. With the service of OODE, companies can streamline operations, boost and improve productivity, and eventually make a change in ROI.

Top- Class Service

Offshore Online Data Entry offers world-class services that can bring efficiency in the companies. The unmatched service offered by Offshore Online Data Entry can boost agility and operational excellence of companies.


What is indexing?

Indexing is gathering information from various sources and putting it into a single format. This makes it easier for people in need to access documents and share. It will also reduce time and improve the organization’s profit exponentially.

How can I share my documents with you?

You can use emails and servers to share your critical business data with us.

What is your pricing structure?

We follow a transparent pricing structure for our services. We aim to give everyone access to our services, and we don’t have any hidden charges.

What measures are you taking to secure the data?

Understanding that data security is not just an option but an essential requirement in the current era, we take robust data security measures, firm control over employees, and maintain a dedicated IT team to protect business data.

What is the preferred time to contact you?

We offer round-the-clock customer service, and you can contact us at any time.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do

Do you manage multilingual document indexing?

Sure, we have enough expertise and experience to handle multilingual documents.

What measures do you take to stay up-to-date with the industry?

We engage in continuous research to stay informed about the latest industry developments and integrate what we feel is best.

Can you handle complex documents?

We have cutting-edge technologies and highly skilled employees to handle more complex documents.

How can I initiate a project with you?

You can fill out the contact form or call us to explain your requirements.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

About our Client

Our client was a leading legal firm in the UK. The client faced challenges in managing those numerous documents of legal characteristics and difficulty finding a specific document in less time. Then, the legal service provider approached us for a document scanning service.

How were we Assisted?

• Formed a team to deal with this new project
• Integrated modern technologies
• Created customized document scanning solution
• Categorized documents based on date, client name, type of case


• Improvement of document management efficiency
• Could access information much quicker
• Got enough time for case preparation
• Swift legal proceedings
• Increase in customer satisfaction

Case study 2

About our Client

Our client was a top healthcare provider in Canada. Manual sorting of patient records caused delays in healthcare service delivery. Later, the client approached us to digitize and index healthcare documents.

How were we Assisted?

• Adopting Optical Character Recognition technology, we extracted all information from the documents
• Categorized documents based on patient name, treatment plans, and patient history
• Formed a team to conduct frequent quality checks


• The client could access medical records promptly
• Reduction in administrative burdens
• Improvement in operational efficiency
• Boost in customer satisfaction

Trends in Document Indexing Services

The arena of document indexing is facing challenges day after day. But as technology has grown drastically, it is much easier to tackle these issues. Among the trends that have been introduced to this industry, the most notable one is the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The tools that are powered with AI and ML can reduce the time of document indexing by categorizing the large volume of documents efficiently and accurately.

Cloud-based solutions are another powerful technology contributing a lot to this industry. By employing cloud-based technology, experts can access documents from anywhere, and it also offers security features. Furthermore, there are many advanced automation tools that complete repetitive tasks much more quickly and more efficiently. The document indexing experts at Offshore Online Data Entry are well-versed in these technologies and make use of these trends to provide outstanding service.

Offshore Online Data Entry- The industry-leading Service Provider

As the volume of data you need to organize grows, the difficulty you face in locating crucial information also increases. So it is always better to manage your large volumes of business data before it creates data silos. Online Offshore Data Entry is a leading document scanning service serving clients from various countries like Canada, the US, and the UK. With the service of OODE, businesses can create and maintain usable digital recordkeeping systems.

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