Document Digitization Services

Offshore Online Data Entry is the professional document digitization company worldwide, well-specialized in offering first-class document scanning, indexing, and digitizing solutions.

We are living in a business environment that is surrounded by countless paper-based documents, records, and hard-copy files. With the day-by-day accumulation of these records (in printed format), the process of document management turns out to be complicated process.

With our years of experience and proven workflow procedures, our dedicated crew ensures to generate the customer-gratified document and content digitization services.

Document digitization service is a process of transforming your manual or printed documents into easily accessible formats. The process of document digitization includes all forms of data such as texts, images, periodicals, etc. that are being digitized and stored in electronic formats such as HTML, XML, PDF, GIF, JPEG, and so on.

What are the document and data digitization services offered by our team?

  •    Scanning of paper documents belonging to any size and capacity
  •    Digitizing all sorts of books including manuals, ledgers, textbooks, and so on
  •    Scanning and digitizing a bulk of magazine and newspaper pages efficiently
  •    Successfully digitizing the large-format docs such as blueprints, maps, drawings, and plans
  •    Well-efficient in transforming the printed technical documents or manuals into easily retrieval format
  •    We provide archive scanning services, wherein, your documents are stored securely offsite

Workflow for Document Digitization Followed at Offshore Online Data Entry!

Stage 1 – Identifying and understanding the customer needs

Stage 2 – Collecting the documents and aligning them perfectly

Stage 3 – Scanning and saving the docs as image files

Stage 4 – Digitizing the documents with the help of OCR and converting them into TEXT files

Stage 5 – Indexing the documents

Stage 6 – Organizing the docs into a client-specified format

Stage 7 – Executing a fine quality check and making the delivery

Reasons to Hire Our Dedicated Team of Experts!

  1. Having a bunch of talented experts, proficient in executing content and data digitization services

  2. All our document digitization solutions are offered at a competitive price within the stipulated TAT

  3. Instant, easy, and secure document scanning and retrieval facilities

  4. Eliminating the data duplication errors and making the data compatible

  5. Offering quality-enriching document digitization solutions

Document digitization has become a vital necessity amid the growing digital era. Owing to these rising complexities, we have come up with the solution to offer the industrial best data digitization services. To get a free trial and experience our innovations, feel free to approach us at [email protected]