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Data Entry

Data Entry

We are specialized in the entry of data from a hand written format or an audio file and it can be either an alphabet or a numerical. Our team ensure to handle a bulk amount of data at a low cost. Our services include:

Online Data Entry

Offline Data Entry

Invoice Data Entry

Insurance Claim Data Entry

Product Data Entry

Real Estate Data Entry

Logistics Data Entry

Data Entry
Data Processing

Data Processing

Our team possess an excellent experience in collection, management, and disclosure of data, in order to increase the productivity of your business. Our processing will boost your decision making process.

Form Processing 

Insurance Claim Processing 

Invoice Processing 

Data Formatting 

Data Processing

Web Research

Online research is the least expensive method of research available today. However, it is quite beneficial for generating new leads, increasing revenue, and enhancing corporate activities. Offshore Online Data Entry is a globally renowned web research outsourcing company that specializes in offering legitimate and reasonably priced quantitative research, web research, and other related services.

Data Collection

Data Mining

Web Research

Document Digitaization

Offshore Online Data Entry is the professional document digitization company worldwide, well-specialized in offering first-class document scanning, indexing, and digitizing solutions.

Document Digitaization

Business Priorities

Our team at Offshore Online Data Entry, ensure to create a robust location strategy in order to meet the demands and requirements of the client’s business while still delivering the excellent benefits at a low cost.

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Ensuring Compliance

We ensure complete compliance and meet all the necessary statutory and legal regulations of a specific location, in which we operate.

Risk-Sharing Agreements

We offer an adjustable pricing and contract policy and undertake the risk for delivering the cost savings and performance agreement.


An Outlook of What We Do

Today, we are living in a world dominated by the digital technology. Every firm and entrepreneurs have started adopting the concept of ‘go-digital’ and ‘go-paperless’, in order to strive hard in the competitive market.

If you are seeking for a partner who would assist you with the perfect conversion of your business in a digitized manner, this is the right place. Offshore Online Data Entry aims to offer extraordinary range of IT, Healthcare BPO Processing, Online Data entry and all types of support solutions to all globally placed customers.

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Enhance your Efficiency!

Our Service Highlights


We offer highly accurate and flawless range of output within the stipulated time.

Tools and Technology

Our expert team utilizes all the contemporary tools and technology in order to generate the best result.


Delivering a reliable and factual set of information at a low cost. Keep trust and hire us.

What our Clients say

We Enhance Efficiency;Productivity;Accuracy

Offshore Online Data Entry is the perfect place to meet all your BPO and IT related outsourcing solutions at a low cost. We are well-specialized in offering a varied range of customized and accurate solutions, to achieve your goal.

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