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Are you struggling to streamline finance management challenges? Are you looking to integrate your financial operations across different platforms seamlessly? Lay your worries aside! Offshore online data entry provides top-notch services dedicated to global finance organizations. OODE’s decade of expertise and diverse array of finance solutions deliver excellence at every step of your financial data journey.

Oode Finance Data Entry Solutions

Financial Data conversion services

Manage your financial data from diverse platforms, legacy systems, and formats seamlessly. Leverage advanced OODE strategies that prioritize minimal disruption and accessibility.

NetSuite Data Conversion Services

Unlock NetSuite’s robust capabilities to optimize your financial operations. Acquire valuable perspectives through NetSuite platform migration designed to achieve maximum operational excellence.

Our Most Demanded Financial Data Conversion Services

QuickBooks Data Migration

Convert to QuickBooks

QuickBooks Data Conversion

NetSuite to QuickBooks

Dynamics GP to QuickBooks

Dynamics SL to QuickBooks

Great Plains to QuickBooks

Solomon to QuickBooks

MAS90 to QuickBooks

MAS200 to QuickBooks

ACCPAC to QuickBooks

DacEasy to QuickBooks

Peachtree to QuickBooks

Sage 50 to QuickBooks

Quantum to QuickBooks

Convert to QuickBooks

MAS 90 to QuickBooks

MAS 200 to QuickBooks

SQL Server to QuickBooks

Database to QuickBooks

Grounds For Choosing Oode As Your Outsourcing Partner

Decade of Expertise

Leverage expertise and a rich reservoir of data knowledge acquired from decades of delivering successful projects globally. Rely on OODE’s proven track record and deep understanding of data challenges with precision and advanced tools.

Consistent Quality

Maintain consistent quality and excellence across OODE’s diverse range of conversion services that exceed your expectations and international standards.

Latest Technological Advancements

Revolutionize your data management strategies with OODE’s cutting-edge tools and methodologies, which are powered by automation, data analysis, and machine learning.

Business Focus

Stay focused on your core business objectives by eliminating intricate tasks and operations. Explore OODE personalized solutions designed to match your business needs perfectly.

Timely Delivery

Ensure prompt and timely delivery of services within the stipulated timelines in this rapidly changing business scenario without compromising on quality.

What Makes Us Exceptional?

Certified for Excellence: ISO and International Quality Standards

OODE ensures the highest quality of industrial standards in all finance management services backed by rigorous quality checks and personalized channels that align with global best practices.

Your All-in-One Data Management Solution

Seamlessly manage your overall finance management with our comprehensive suite of services designed to simplify cash flow and finance data operations. Avail quality services to unlock your data management capabilities.

Your Trusted Team of Data Experts

Work with a passionate team that possesses a deep understanding and unique finance management needs with a wealth of expertise across diverse industries.

Fortified Security Measures

Prioritize the security of your finance assets from unauthorized access and harmful threats. OODE employs multi-layered security that includes encryptions, access controls, security audits, and proactive monitoring channels.

Fair and Transparent budget

Optimize costs and expenditures with OODE finance outsourcing solutions, where you can avail of customizable solutions tailored to your business requirements and changing needs.

Reasons to outsource to India

India’s robust education system and population produce a vast number of skilled graduates across different sectors. India’s geographical location enables companies to attain 24/7 operational excellence and support, leveraging their time zone advantage over other regions. The widespread use of English as a business language combined with projects of different niches fosters seamless collaboration and communication. In addition, the labor system and Indian pay help businesses to avail of international quality solutions under a transparent budget.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you offer conversion services for QuickBooks?

Yes, OODE offers a comprehensive range of conversions for QuickBooks, Dynamics, Great Plains, Solomon, MAS, etc.

What processes are done on QuickBooks conversion?

OODE processes involve data extraction, format change, and loading it into the desired format. Our expert team ensures data integrity, completeness, and accuracy throughout the conversion process.

Do you provide services to migrate data from SQL servers to QuickBooks?

Yes, we specialize in the smooth transition of data from SQL Server and various databases to QuickBooks.

How do I know that my data is compatible with QuickBooks?

OODE team conducts an examination of existing data to determine its compatibility checks with QuickBooks to ensure a seamless conversion process.

How do you ensure safety in your conversion process?

Data confidentiality is considered a top priority. we employ robust security measures and best practices that safeguard financial data throughout the whole process.

Can I avail of financial conversion services for a limited period of time of 2 months?

Absolutely. You can choose our personalized services, which offer flexible solutions in pay, time, and labor to your specific business needs and requirements.

What are the key considerations if we opt for QuickBooks conversion?

It’s important to consider data compatibility, mapping, cleansing, post-conversion, and security.

What measures are in place to ensure data accuracy and integrity during the conversion process?

OODE employs rigorous data validation, reconciliation, and quality checks that maintain industrial standard quality throughout the conversion process.

How much experience do you have in handling confidential financial data?

OODE has a proven track record of delivering financial data conversion projects for a decade. We are proud holders of ISO, SOC, and other achievements that portray our commitment to excellence.

How do you ensure optimal results in all your financial services?

Our committed data analysts team uses advanced data cleansing, mapping, and automation strategies followed by KPIs to achieve maximum operational excellence in all your operations.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

NetSuite Data Conversion Services


Our client is a growing banking sector located in Nottingham, UK. As a growing finance institution, they were using NetSuite to manage their overall financial operations. With the increase in customers, they have decided to opt for QuickBooks for its robust features and management that can accommodate large finance databases.


OODE addressed its existing model thoroughly, and its corporation’s financial model was NetSuite. Their Financial database management was complex, containing intricate transaction records, custom fields, and data configurations. With the rise of customers and operations, managing daily operations hindered their overall processes and storage.


Our Expert data conversion team has addressed all issues in NetSuite and devised a comprehensive conversion plan accordingly. Our advanced data migration tools and mapping solutions enabled a smooth transition of data fields between NetSuite and QuickBooks.


After the seamless migration of data from NetSuite to QuickBooks, all the datasets were preserved with their existing datasets. OODE financial data analysts made sure that the new model was accurate and compatible. The client reported significant changes and seamless adaptation to the new model, which enabled the company to unlock the full capabilities of QuickBooks and financial management.

Dynamics GP to QuickBooks


Our client is a well-established manufacturing company based in Chicago, US. They have been using Great Plains (Dynamics GP) to manage its finances and accounts for the past five years. They are planning for a new branch extension and merge all datasets with the existing file.


Financial data management using Dynamics GP presented many challenges. The main challenge was organizing historical datasets, records, and multidimensional account structures. In addition, setup and maintenance were costly, and only experts were able to sort issues quickly. Moreover, they faced challenges adapting to changing demands and expansions.


After addressing their concerns and issues, OODE proposed a new strategy for migrating Dynamics GP to QuickBooks. Our dedicated conversion team organized all the historical datasets and assessed them. QuickBooks conversion can improve the overall transition and accessibility between datasets.


After successfully converting financial data fields from Dynamics GP to QuickBooks, the client reported improved financial visibility and reporting. By leveraging QuickBooks’ capabilities, the client was able to streamline their financial processes with other business systems effectively.

Current Trends In Financial Data Conversion

Automation and AI

Automate data conversion processes and operations to achieve maximum speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Reduce human intervention and errors with AI-powered data mapping, validation, and error detection strategies.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Convert and manage your financial data from any part of the world. Safeguard your financial assets with secure cloud integration.

Data Security and Compliance

Prioritize privacy regulations and compliance with encryptions, passwords, and data transfer protocols that ensure the confidentiality of all financial operations effectively.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with our wide range of financial conversion solutions that guarantee efficient migration and synchronization of financial operations across different platforms.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Gain valuable insights and reporting strategies with OODE specialized financial data conversion solutions powered by the latest data analytics tools that support informed decision-making.

Oode- Your Trusted Offshoring Ally.

OODE offers seamless and comprehensive solutions dedicated to businesses of all sizes. Our steadfast commitment to excellence and the highest industrial standards established us as the top outsourcing solution for your finance management needs. Avail from our broad suite of services handcrafted by data experts to address the evolving needs of modern financing enterprises with precision and accuracy. Fortify your competitive position through OODE’S reliable finance data conversion solutions today!

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