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Are your in-house team struggling to scale your data annotation efforts to meet the rising demands of your business? Do you have the expertise and resources needed to manage intricate data annotation tasks effectively internally? Offshore Online Data Entry (OODE) is a leading outsourcing data annotation service company with more than a decade of experience in satisfying diverse clients with effective solutions. Our experts focus on delivering effective solutions that elevate businesses to a better digital future. We have proven expertise in providing data annotation solutions to multiple clients at different parts of the globe.

Our Extensive Suite of Data Annotation Solutions

Image Annotation

The Image Annotation service at OODE engages the branding and tagging of images to enable machine learning model training. This service involves tasks including object detection, image segmentation, and image classification. All these annotations are vital for building accurate computer vision models for applications including autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and medical image analysis.

Video Annotation

OODE offers Video Annotation service that extends the annotation process to dynamic content, satisfying the requirements of machine learning models that evaluate video data. Video Annotation service involves activities such as object tracking, action recognition, and frame-level annotation. The service is vital for applications including surveillance, video analytics, and sports analytics.

Text Annotation

The Text Annotation service at OODE engages the branding and classification of textual data for natural language processing (NLP) tasks. Our service involves tasks like named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and text classification. Text Annotation service is significant for training models in applications including chatbots, document analysis and sentiment analysis.

Audio Transcription

OODE offers an effective Audio Transcription service that focuses on transforming spoken language into written text, offering precise and reliable transcriptions. At OODE our Audio Transcription service involves listening to audio recordings and transcribing the spoken content into textual format. OODE assures high accuracy in transcriptions, capturing nuances in speech and facilitating the development of advanced audio-based machine learning models.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Annotation Service to OODE


One of the significant advantages of outsourcing Data Annotation Service to OODE is cost effectiveness. Our dedicated resources and efficient processes contribute to reduced operational costs as compared to internal annotation efforts. Businesses can save costs associated with hiring and training in-house teams, eventually resulting in cost savings.


At OODE, our experts are well prepared to manage data annotation tasks with efficiency and speed. Having a specialized team and seamless processes, OODE can boost the annotation process, guaranteeing that businesses attain annotated datasets promptly. This speed is significant for fulfilling tight project deadlines and mitigating the time-to-market for machine learning models, enabling businesses to remain agile and competitive.


OODE gives paramount importance to data security and confidentiality. Businesses gain various benefits by outsourcing data annotation services to OODE, including secure data management practices and compliance to privacy regulations. Our experts leverage stringent security measures to protect client data, hinder unauthorized access or data breaches, and guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive information throughout the annotation process.


Our experts at OODE are dedicated to providing top-notch annotated datasets. We ensure precise and reliable annotations by blending skilled annotators and meticulous quality control processes. The commitment to quality is essential for the success of machine learning models, as the models are trained on top-quality datasets that have the potential to generate accurate and meaningful results in different applications.


OODE provides scalable solutions to accommodate the evolving needs of businesses. Whether the annotation requirements are small or large-scale, OODE can adapt its resources and capacity accordingly. This scalability is beneficial for businesses with fluctuating annotation workloads, allowing them to scale up or down as needed without the challenges of managing and maintaining an in-house annotation team.


By outsourcing data annotation services to our experts at OODE, helps businesses to improve their complete productivity. As the tedious annotation tasks are outsourced to professional service providers, your in-house team can focus more on the key competencies and strategic objectives. This accelerated productivity enables businesses to maximize their time and resources more effectively, resulting in enhanced business performance and innovation.

Why OODE Stands as The Top Data Annotation Service Provider

Data Security

OODE gives prime importance to data security, therefore we implement powerful measures to protect sensitive information throughout the annotation processes, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Constant enhancement

OODE leverages feedback mechanisms and constant improvement initiatives to upgrade annotation processes over time, ensuring continuous enhancement of data quality and efficiency.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Outsourcing annotation tasks to Offshore Online Data Entry saves the overhead costs related to keeping annotation infrastructure and administering internal annotation teams, contributes to considerable cost savings for businesses.

Access to Specialized Tools

OODE employs advanced annotation tools and software, allowing businesses to access innovative technologies without the requirement for upfront investments or development expenses.

Global Talent Pool

OODE houses a diverse team of annotators that provides access to a worldwide talent pool, offering businesses with a wide range of skills and expertise to fulfill distinct annotation needs effectively.

Flexibility in Project Management

OODE provides flexible project management options, enabling businesses to adjust annotation workflows, prioritize tasks, and meet project deadlines efficiently. This flexibility facilitates businesses to adjust to the varying project requirements and optimize resource allocation for maximum productivity and project success.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Annotation Service to India

Low Cost and High Value

India is renowned for delivering cost-effective services without compromising on the quality of the solutions. Choosing OODE for outsourcing data annotation service contributes to considerable cost benefits while ensuring high-quality services.

Large Pool of Skilled Professionals

India houses a wide pool of talented professionals in the realm of data annotation. Offshore Online Data Entry, being one of the top service providers in India, has the potential to access a diverse team of experts well-versed in multiple annotation techniques and tools.

English-speaking Trained Professionals

English proficiency is an additional benefit when outsourcing Data Annotation service to India. Our experts at OODE are fluent in English, enabling efficient communication and comprehension of project needs.

Time Zone Difference

The time zone difference between India and many Western countries can be leveraged for continuous workflow. Tasks can be worked on during the day in India and reviewed during the night in other regions, leading to faster turnaround times.

Excellent Telecom Infrastructure

India has made significant investments in its telecom infrastructure. Reliable internet connectivity and advanced communication technologies contribute to seamless collaboration between the outsourcing partner, like OODE, and the client, ensuring efficient data annotation processes.

Adherence to Data Security and Privacy Standards

OODE, as a reputable data annotation service provider in India, is likely to adhere to strict data security and privacy standards. Outsourcing to a company that prioritizes the confidentiality and security of client data ensures that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with international regulations, contributing to a trustworthy and reliable partnership.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

How much cost does OODE require for data annotation service?

OODE offers competitive and customized pricing based on project complexity, volume, and specific requirements. For a detailed quote, please contact our sales team.

What kind of data annotation techniques does OODE excel in?

OODE specializes in different annotation methods, such as image labeling, semantic segmentation, bounding box annotation, keypoint annotation, polygon annotation and more.

How can I ensure the quality of annotations provided by OODE?

OODE maintains high-quality standards through meticulous training of annotators, quality checks at different phases, and adherence to client-specific guidelines. Our objective is to deliver precise and reliable annotations.

Does OODE have the potential to manage large-scale annotation projects?

Yes, OODE has experience and expertise in handling large-scale annotation projects. Our scalable infrastructure and talented workforce facilitate us to effectively handle projects of different sizes and intricacies.

What all kinds of industries does OODE serve with its data annotation services?

OODE caters to a diverse range of industries, including automotive, healthcare, e-commerce, robotics, and more. We provide tailored solutions to meet the unique annotation needs of each sector.

What annotation tools and software does OODE use?

OODE uses diverse industry-standard annotation tools and software based on the project requirements. We ensure compatibility with the client’s preferences and integrate with their existing workflows.

How does OODE handle sensitive data and ensure privacy?

OODE follows strict data security protocols and complies with privacy regulations. We implement encryption, secure access controls, and confidentiality measures to protect sensitive information.

How does OODE manage time zone differences for international clients?

OODE strategically schedules tasks to ensure continuity in the annotation process. This allows us to leverage time zone differences, enabling efficient workflow and timely project completion.

Can OODE handle real-time or near-real-time annotation requirements?

OODE has experience in delivering annotations for real-time applications. We can adapt our workflow to meet the demands of projects requiring quick turnaround times.

Does OODE provide ongoing support and maintenance for annotated datasets?

Yes, OODE offers ongoing support and maintenance services for annotated datasets. We can update and re-annotate datasets as needed to keep them relevant for evolving machine learning models.

Case Studies

Case Study 1


A vehicle manufacturing company based in the UAE had a requirement of a vast dataset annotated with diverse objects and scenarios to improve the training of their self-driving algorithms. The dataset required accurate labeling of pedestrians, vehicles, road signs, and other significant factors for strong machine learning model development.


The complete amount of data and the intricacy of annotation needed a talented workforce. Assuring precise and consistent annotations over the comprehensive dataset was a crucial challenge. In addition, the company had strict timelines for model deployment, requiring a quick turnaround without compromising on quality.

Our Solution

The vehicle manufacturing company approached OODE to outsource the data annotation task thanks to our expertise in managing large scale projects. We assigned a dedicated team of seasoned annotators trained in computer vision and object detection. In order to deal with the time zone difference, the workflow was organized to enable continuous annotation, guaranteeing efficiency and meeting strict deadlines.


OODE efficiently annotated the large dataset with greater accuracy, delivering precisely labeled images for the autonomous vehicle training. The project was done within the agreed time frame, and the client attained a rigorously annotated dataset that remarkably enhanced the performance of their machine learning models. The partnership with OODE not only met the client’s requirements but also established a long-term partnership for future annotation requirements.

Case study 2


A healthcare AI startup focused on medical image analysis required accurate segmentation of organs and anomalies in radiological images. The dataset included diverse medical imaging modalities, and the annotations needed to be of exceptional quality to support the development of their diagnostic AI algorithms.


The complexity of medical image segmentation, coupled with the need for precision and consistency, posed a significant challenge. The project required annotators with a deep understanding of medical imaging and anatomy. Moreover, adherence to strict healthcare data security and privacy standards was crucial.

Our Solution

The healthcare AI startup chose to outsource the data annotation task to OODE due to its experience in handling medical image annotation projects. OODE assembled a specialized team comprising professionals with expertise in radiology and medical imaging. Strict protocols were implemented to ensure data security and compliance with healthcare privacy regulations.


OODE successfully delivered accurately segmented medical images, meeting the startup’s stringent quality requirements. The annotated dataset significantly contributed to the development of the healthcare AI startup’s diagnostic algorithms, improving the accuracy and reliability of their predictions. The secure and compliant handling of sensitive medical data established trust between the startup and OODE, paving the way for potential collaborations on future projects.

Latest Trends in Outsourcing Data Annotation Service

Increased Automation

The outsourcing industry is experiencing a rapid growth in the adoption of automation technologies for data annotation. Machine learning algorithms and AI-backed tools are highly employed to simplify and boost the annotation process.

Specialized Annotation Services

With the rising intricacy of AI and machine learning projects, there is a trend toward outsourcing companies providing specialized annotation services for particular industries or applications. This includes proficiency in medical imaging, autonomous vehicles, natural language processing, and more.

Quality Control and Assurance

Quality assurance has become a major focus in data annotation services. Outsourcing providers are establishing meticulous quality control techniques, including human-in-the-loop validation and ongoing feedback loops, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of annotated data.

Privacy and Security Compliance

As data privacy regulations become more rigorous, outsourcing providers are placing a robust emphasis on adherence with data protection laws. Ensuring the security and privacy of annotated data has become a critical facet of data annotation services.

Crowdsourcing and Decentralized Annotation

Some outsourcing services are exploring decentralized models, including crowdsourcing, to annotate large datasets quickly and cost-effectively. This approach involves distributing annotation tasks to a large number of contributors, often through online platforms.

OODE – Your Reliable Resource for Data Annotation Solution

Outsourcing data annotation services to OODE holds significant advantages for businesses seeking to maximize the value of their data. This ensures that the data is accurately labeled, classified or tagged for creating a strong base for machine learning and other AI applications. By assigning OODE the task of data annotation, organizations can focus on other major activities. OODE strives to ensure accurate results through a commitment to precision, scalability and efficiency thereby acting as an ideal partner for businesses in need of data annotation services. Consequently, it becomes part of your team assisting you with the annotated data that drives innovation and competitive advantage as has been proven over time. Through OODE’s service packages, companies can empower their AI initiatives with the data that takes them to greater heights in terms of new opportunities and growth.

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