From submitting a claim form to availing the insurance benefits, Offshore Online Data Entry will help you with quality-ensured insurance claim processing services. Checking the claim requests, validation, authentication, and justification is done with ease when you move along with experienced insurance claim processing services like us. We can collect claim forms in bulk, both online and offline, and maintain regularity in processing them accurately.

Invoice Claim Processing Services We Offer

Offshore Online Data Entry has enough expertise in handling the entire health insurance claim processing by taking complete responsibility for the project. Our insurance claim processing services will cover,
• Insurance eligibility verification through which we validate the insurance claim form. It helps to ensure that the patient is eligible to get insurance coverage. It also includes the correction of misinformation in the claim form.
• With the Claim Imaging services, we provide, medical insurance claim processing will convert a large volume of claim forms in various formats into digital formats.
• Form disbursement gets done with proper checking, updating, and transferring claim forms with effective follow-ups.
• Insurance claim outsourcing can avail the best audit and claim support. It will analyze underpayments and find recovery solutions.
• Account settlement is an essential part of claim processing in healthcare, where medical claims processing services will avail necessary follow-ups with the process until the final payment.
Instead of handling such time-consuming but inevitable data processing tasks to renowned insurance claims processing services like us, the benefits you can get will be tremendous. It will,
• Reduce piling up of claim forms
• Ensure continuous processing and validation
• Keeping a track of the money flow
• Improving accuracy in the process
• Saving cost and time spent on manual processing
• Improving productivity by achieving more efficiency

Steps We Follow for Insurance Claim Processing

• 1- Claims Adjudication- Here, we match the details in the pre-authorization request and make sure that the patient is eligible for the claim. Medical claim processing services will also check whether the concerned hospital is on the approved network list or not.
• 2- Explanation of Benefits- After completing the adjudication process, the insurance company notifies the hospital with their findings to proceed with or reject the insurance claim. This notification will include information on the amount approved, amount processed, patient responsibility amount, etc.
• 3- Claim Settlement- It is the final step where the insurance company settles the payment for the medical assistance the insured patient got. With insurance claim processing outsourcing, this can get done for a bulk number of patients and their claim forms.

Why Should You Choose Us for Invoice Claim Processing Services?

• We provide the services of the best team of professional experts experienced in completing the
health insurance claim process within limited time frames.
• We have facilities to provide insurance claims outsourcing services 24 hours a day and thus enable
you to get higher efficiency in handling it.
• An error-free medical insurance claim processing reduces the claim leakage rate and thus helps the
company to have enormous financial advantages.
• We utilize automated solutions for claim processing in healthcare to ensure fast processing and
save costs. Also, it enables a quick ROI.
• We will provide the best security measure in handling your confidential medical data with insurance
claim processing outsourcing and ensure its confidentiality and security.

Since each medical insurance form decides the recovery of patients with timely healthcare assistance, maintaining high quality and efficiency in insurance claim processing is more than a necessity. If you are still struggling to find resolutions for your insurance claim processing requirements, Offshore Online Data Entry is here to provide complete assistance, cost-effectively. You can get it by dropping a mail to [email protected]


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