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Data Processing Services

Businesses have to deal with files of various formats every day.

When the data is present in multiple formats and structures, businesses have to invest considerable productive hours to process them.

As the availability of data in different formats will adversely affect the productivity of businesses, it is good to approach a reliable data conversion outsourcing partner to transform data into a format that suits each business.

Offshore Online Data Entry is an industry-leading data conversion service provider that offers comprehensive data conversion solutions to clients. Harnessing the power of front-line technologies and unique techniques, we deliver premium data conversion services.

Services We Offer

PDF Conversion Services

It is the process of converting data from one format to PDF format. By hiring us, you can ensure universal compatibility for your files and, to some extent, reduce the size of your business files without compromising the quality of data.

Book Conversion Services

It is the conversion of books into digital format, which will make it easy to store. With our book conversion services, you can locate the information much faster and can contribute to sustainable goals.

Catalog Conversion Services

It includes the process of converting catalogs from printed format to digital format. By choosing our catalog conversion services, you can considerably reduce your expenses and improve the accessibility of your catalogs.

Financial Data Conversion Services

It is the act of transforming financial data from one format to another format. On partnering with OODE, you can make data-driven decisions that will enhance the growth of the company and boost the efficiency of your organization.

Spreadsheet Data Conversion Services

It is the process of converting data in Excel format to another format or the conversion of data in another format to Excel format. On hiring OODE, you can increase the compatibility of your business data and grab insights from the data much more easily.

Why OODE for Data Conversion Services?

High Accuracy

Realizing the critical nature of data, we focus on maintaining accuracy for the results we deliver. The experienced professionals at OODE conduct frequent quality to ensure the accuracy of data and make it error-free before the final delivery. Also, OODE infuses cutting-edge technologies that have the capability to boost the accuracy of data.

Skilled Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of data conversion experts who have a profound knowledge of data conversion processes and industry standards. With these experts, OODE is able to deliver service of top quality. Also, the dedicated professionals try to deliver services in less time without compromising the quality.


Meeting the changing demands of the market is essential for businesses to establish success in their domain. Offshore Online Data Entry has enough technologies and manpower to aid businesses in meeting their evolving requirements. That is, OODE will help businesses address the needs of the market without spending much.

Data Security

The company is well aware about the need to maintain the confidentiality of data it handles. And thus, integrates solid security measures and techniques to safeguard business data. Furthermore, Offshore Online Data Entry uses dual-authentication access controls to protect data from any kind of unauthorized access.

Our Workflow

Analysis of Requirement

Understanding the needs of clients is the primary stage in the data conversion process. We invest the needed effort and time for this phase, as without knowing the requirements of clients, we cannot deliver what they expect. Some of the information, that our experts collect in this stage includes,

  • Format of the source data
  • Format of the target data
  • Volume and complexity of data
  • Deadline
  • Customization needs if any

Assessment of Data

Once the requirements are gathered, our data conversion experts assess the quality of source data. Analyzing the quality of data is crucial because it is from the source data that we begin the entire data conversion process. At this stage, data conversion professionals identify errors and inconsistencies, if any, and cleanse the data.

Planning for the Project

This is the crucial stage in the data conversion process. Based on the deadline, our data conversion experts create a plan for the project and set a specific time for completing each task. During this stage, our experts consider techniques and target formats for the preparation of the plan. Our experts put extra focus on preparing the plan because only if we can execute the plan in the different phases of the data conversion process much better.

Conversion of Data

This is the phase where data conversion takes place. That is, our data conversion experts convert the source data in a particular format to another format, that is proposed by the client. Based on the complexity of the data, our data conversion experts adopt either manual data conversion automated data conversion tools, or a combination of both. Our data conversion experts are involved in this phase dedicatedly, as this is a significant phase in the entire process.

Quality Check of Data

At Offshore Online Data Entry, we create a specific team to conduct quality checks of the data. Before they begin their task, we provide rigorous training for them to conduct quality checks. Once they are involved in the process, they try to identify errors and inconsistencies if there are any, and they continue the process until they understand that the data is free of errors.

Data Testing

Our data conversion experts test the data in this phase. This means they check the functionality and usability of the data by putting it into different systems. This is a critical stage because data results with errors are of no use. So, we include this as an inevitable stage in the data conversion process before the final delivery.

Delivery and Future Support

Once the validation phase is over, we deliver the data in the format required by the client. We also offer our assistance to solve any issues that may arise in the future. We extend this kind of assistance with the view that we are there to help our clients as they are trustworthy clients.

Offshore Online Data Entry-Front-Runner Data Conversion Service Provider.

Offshore Online Data Entry can certainly be your loyal partner by providing top-quality data conversion services.

Our dedicated team of data conversion experts not only focuses on the quality of the process but also the security of data assets, so clients can share data without any hesitation. Furthermore, the data conversion experts at OODE strive hard to exceed clients’ expectations.

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