Document Scanning Services

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Document Scanning Services

Want to digitize your documents? Get started now.

Are your office spaces filled with documents?

Do you struggle to find a particular record in overstuffed cabinets?

Do you find it difficult to store large volumes of documents in cabinets? Then, now is a better time for a solution.

Document scanning is a great method that you can choose now to sort out all your issues due to unorganized paper documents.

Offshore Online Data Entry, a dominant document scanning services company, you can scan your crucial business data free up your valuable business space, and avoid unnecessary clutter.

Services Offered by Offshore Online Data Entry

Document Imaging

Our dedicated document imaging services experts provide exceptional services to clients. With our service, you can ensure efficient retrieval and organization of data. Document imaging services, in reality, facilitate digital transformation changes.

Document Indexing

We provide top-quality indexing services to our clients by employing the most advanced technologies. With this service, you can improve the searchability and boost the organizational efficiency. Our dedicated employees adopt a streamlined pattern to index the varied volumes of business documents.

Data Capturing

Offshore Online Data Entry uses state-of-the-art technology to convert physical data into digital format. Our data-capturing experts integrate innovative techniques and deliver data-capturing services at truly affordable rates. We are equipped to meet your various requirements.

Large Format Scanning

We provide this service to facilitate the preservation of a large volume of business data for a longer period. Leveraging the power of the most advanced technologies and techniques, we are able to deliver services with the utmost quality and precision.

Book Scanning

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of dedicated book-scanning experts who can provide high-quality book-scanning services for you. We use proven methods and adopt robust technologies to provide the best service for our clients.

Cloud Storage Integration

We offer a broad range of services that help clients connect and manage their cloud resources more efficiently. With this service, you can access your data from multiple devices and applications, facilitating improved decision-making within your company.

Secure Document Destruction

Offshore Online Data Entry provides secure document destruction services to keep your business data safe from malicious attacks and unauthorized access. We provide our services at a rate that is affordable to everyone.

Document Scanning Services – Distinctive Attributes that set Offshore Online Data Entry Apart

Utmost Security

Data Security plays a paramount role in the business environment. The document scanning experts at OODE include encryption techniques and fitting authentication processes to protect data from unexpected malware and ransomware attacks.

Fast Delivery

Offshore Online Data Entry is known for delivering services quickly. OODE employs the best strategies, plans each project step, and prioritizes tasks to ensure the fast delivery of services.

Wallet-Friendly Services

OODE offers services at an affordable price. The objective of Offshore Online Data Entry is to make our services available to all. To be in detail, the services from OODE must be accessible to businesses of any size.

Years of Expertise

Offshore Online Data Entry has a decade of expertise in document scanning. With this expertise, OODE is able to handle complex tasks from any industry vertical.

Inclusive Solutions

The document scanning experts, Offshore Online Data Entry, provide comprehensive solutions to the clients. These complete solutions help the clients to streamline business processes and improve overall efficiency.

Constant Support

Offshore Online Data Entry provides uninterrupted customer service to clients. The document scanning experts at OODE are equipped to provide a solution before the client struggles with issues.

Why Outsource Document Scanning Services to Offshore Online Data Entry Services becomes a Great Decision?

Best-in-Class Quality

Document scanning is an integral part of the business environment. By leveraging, latest tools and technologies, Offshore Online Data Entry provides quality document scanning services to the clients.

Customer-focused Approach

Offshore Online Data Entry always emphasizes a client-focused approach in all its services. By taking this approach, OODE is creating loyal customers for the business.

Advanced Scalability

Offshore Online Data Entry has enough resources and workforce to meet the changing needs and demands of customers. That is, OODE can scale up when you need to manage a high volume of documents and scale down when you need to manage only a smaller volume of documents.

Top Productivity

The document scanning experts at Offshore Online Data Entry work dedicatedly and free the company’s resources and workforce from getting involved in its non-core operations.

Robust Technologies

The document scanning professionals employ cutting-edge technologies and software to deliver the best solution for you. That is, our document scanning experts use top-tier technologies to enhance the quality of our document scanning service. With our service, you can understand the power of your business.

Competent Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of experienced PDF conversion experts who possess extensive knowledge in this domain. These professionals can speed up document scanning by working dedicatedly.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

India is now emerging as a preferred outsourcing destination for many due to the many advantages the country offers. Let us delve into those benefits.

The leading good point of choosing India as an outsourcing place is that, the cost benefit. Compared to other places, India provides services at budget-friendly rates. Another significant benefit is that the country provides access to a pool of talented professionals who possess extensive knowledge in this field.

These experts are proficient in the English language and ensure smooth communication with clients. Furthermore, the time zone difference between India and Western Countries ensures continuous business operations in companies.

In short, when you want to enjoy the innumerable benefits of outsourcing to India, partner with a reliable outsourcing BPO service provider.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

How long will it take to scan my documents?

The turnaround time of document scanning depends on

  • Volume of documents
  • Complexity of documents

But if you want to know the exact time that will take to complete the scanning of documents, contact our senior executive.

How can I share my documents to you?

You can share your documents via our secure FTP website or secure FTP email.

What are the various procedures you take to ensure quality?

We train our document scanning experts, use robust technologies, and conduct regular quality checks to ensure the quality of our service.

What is your pricing structure?

We follow a transparent pricing structure for our services. The pricing of our outsourced document scanning services is based on the volume and quality of work.

How safe are your document scanning processes?

We prioritize the security of the documents you share with us. So during the document scanning process, we took measures like

  • Physical security
  • Restricted access
  • Encryption and double verification methods

What types of documents can I send to scan?

You can share any kind of documents to get scanned.

Can I visit your company?

Yes, you can visit our company and see our infrastructure and meet in-house employees.

Do you offer a free trail?

Yes, you can run test scan before the commencement of the project.

What are the various formats you can scan to?

We can document in formats like JPEG, PDF, and JPG.

Can I know about Cloud Archiving?

We will store your documents using cloud archiving, and you can access them by logging in.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Digitized Documents for a Healthcare Service Provider.


Our client was a large healthcare service provider in Canada. The client wanted to offer prompt services to their customers and for that, they are planning to digitize documents. With this in mind, the client approached us.

How We Assist.

  • We integrated OCR technology into the document scanning process and extracted every detail from the files.
  • We conducted frequent audits to ensure the quality of data.
  • We delivered them in the required file format.


  • Notable reduction in the time taken to access records.
  • Improvement in patient satisfaction.
  • Documents are stored in an organized manner.

Case Study 2

Documents Scanned for Law Firm.


Our client was a law firm in the UK. The client was struggling with accessibility issues of law files. To be in detail, as they were large volumes of files, it was difficult for the officials to find particular files in less time.

How We Assist.

  • We employed AI-powered OCR technology in the document-scanning process.
  • We formed a team to do the QC.
  • We included metatags to categorize the documents.


  • Easy access to records.
  • More time for case preparation.
  • Opportunity for collaborative work.

Trends in Document Scanning Services

There are many trends that have come in the document scanning sector, which is improving it in a drastic way.

Cloud-based technology is a solution that facilitates access to documents from any location and makes document sharing much easier and safer.

AI-powered OCR technology extracts every detail in documents and produces quality output. Robotic Process Automation, also referred to as RPA, is a technology that can be integrated into document scanning services to reduce errors and boost the process.

Security is a pivotal factor in the business environment. Today, many advanced security measures have been introduced to protect business data.

Offshore Online Data Entry-Foremost Document Scanning Service Provider.

Productivity is a crucial element of businesses.

If you make your in-house employees engage in tedious activities and use your valuable resources for the same, you will not be able to use the resources for productive functions in your company.

Offshore Online Data Entry is a well-known outsourcing document conversion service provider in India that has been offering world-class services to established and new businesses.

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