Business efficiency and productivity of a company is directly proportional to its smooth and successful achievement of its core competencies. Although there are backend tasks of a company that delays or slows down this process exhausting time and resources when done in-house. As a result, business organizations consult and assign their data entry concerns to offshore outsourcing data entry service providers.

Since back office processes pile up quickly by the second and especially increasing voluminously for requirements such as billing, accounting, purchasing, invoicing etc., there seems to have a much wider demand for offline data entry services in the world. Keying-in data from bills, receipts, invoices, etc. are strenuous due to its fundamental it requirement of speed, accuracy and superior quality in its outputs.

But with Offshore Online Data Entry’s offline data entry services, we can help you achieve your core competencies without compromising on your productivity and efficiency. Our expert professionals will give you the outputs in faster turnarounds, highest quality at cost –effective means with extensive customization options.


Invoice, Orders, Bills, Receipts

Survey and Retail Form Filling


Database entry

Image Data Entry

Handwritten Documents, Text

Employee Data Entry

Payroll Processing

MS Excel and MS Word Document Data Entry

Finance sector

Insurance Claims

Catalog Data Entry


Our learning experience and industrial exposure provides efficient and cost-effective services in offline data entry. The provision to customize these services according to your requirements or specifications are vast. World class personnel with unmatched skillsets and the efficient supervision of our diligent project managers will ensure you get the best output for your projects in the best possible quality. Latest equipment and technology and highly precise data entry and processing at the given time-frames or way ahead of it is our major focus for maximum customer satisfaction and towards building long lasting relationships.

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