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As businesses have to deal with large volumes of data daily and that too in different types, managing these processes in-house can be tedious, expensive, and require specialized expertise. This is the major reason why outsourcing data processing services are much significant in streamlining business processes.  Partnering with a professional and experienced data processing outsourcing service provider like us can contribute to your business with enhanced data quality, streamlined processes, and intelligent decision-making.

Offshore Online Data Entry or OODE is a leading outsourcing service provider in India with over a decade of experience in satisfying clients across the globe with their unique business requirements in various industries. Being one of the experienced and professional data processing outsourcing companies in India, we deliver end-to-end data processing solutions that free up the burden from the internal employees, so that they can invest their valuable time and effort on other major projects.

Services We Offer

Form Processing Services

Form processing service eliminates the manual entry of paper forms. OODE expert team can extract key information from a diverse range of forms, both manual and digital accurately. Optimize your workflow and gain valuable insights with our accurate form processing services with our advanced automation technologies.

Insurance Claim Processing Services

Save your valuable time and improve your customer satisfaction with OODE insurance claim processing services. Experience faster settlements, verification, and improved communication between both parties. We provide quality data entry services allowing for a smoother claims journey with reliable information for both the policymakers and the insurer.

Payroll Processing Services

Reduce your administrative costs and time associated with the in-house payroll process. Stay compliant with the latest complex tax regulations and reporting requirements that can handle all tax filings and timely submissions. OODE payroll processing services ensure that your employees receive timely payments and a positive working environment.

Invoice Processing Services

OODE offers efficient invoice processing services powered by automation and advanced OCR technologies to extract vital details of your accounts, cash flow, transactions, and invoices. Reduce your financial record typos and gain real-time visibility that helps you keep track of invoices speeding up your payment processes.

Logistic Data Processing Services

A logistic data processing service is termed as a service that manages and processes data associated with logistics operations. It includes the administration of the flow of goods, services, and information between the initial point and final point to fulfill the needs of customers or corporations. Partnering with OODE helps you leverage the benefits of working with a seasoned and professional outsourcing service provider. 

Medical Billing Services

OODE medical billing services can manage your medical data and billing processes by reducing the burden on medical practitioners. Our data entry and billing team has the expertise to carry out operations from claims to reimbursements. Minimize your claim denials and delays for an improved financial experience.

Data Formatting Services

Transform your chest of raw data into an organized collection with OODE data formatting solutions. We ensure consistent formatting, labeling, and allocation of data types into an arranged format. With reliable information, you can effortlessly filter, sort, and analyze the data that empowers you to make informed decisions timely.

Data Cleansing Services

The process of data cleansing involves cleaning and refining raw data to enhance its quality, accuracy, and consistency. It recognizes and rectifies errors, inconsistencies, duplicates, and other anomalies present in the dataset. Hiring OODE for your data cleansing service you will be able to fulfill your unique requirements and can improve the quality and reliability of your datasets.

Data Capture Services

Data capture service includes the gathering, digitizing and arranging information from different sources like physical documents, digital files, or multimedia content. Data capture service plays a significant role in simplifying data management workflows, improving accessibility, and facilitating effective utilization of information assets. Over a decade of experience in data processing service, OODE can facilitate your business with state-of-the-art technologies and skilled workforce to ensure accurate and timely capture of data from diverse sources.

Data Extraction Services

Data extraction service retrieves particular information from different sources including databases, documents, websites, or multimedia content. The data extraction service at OODE contributes to businesses with a significant advantage in efficiently accessing and leveraging valuable information assets. OODE employs top-notch extraction techniques and talented resources to manage complicated data extraction tasks over various domains.

Data Indexing Services

Categorize and tag your data with OODE’s powerful indexing system to pinpoint the exact information you need. Our indexing model is designed for speed and accuracy that help you save valuable time searching through the libraries. With our indexing system, you can easily utilize your data to optimize workflows and daily processes.

Data Validation Services

OODE data validation services identify and rectify inconsistencies such as missing values, formatting errors, null entries, and invalid entries. We ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data which translates into a more reliable foundation for analysis and reporting. Make informed decisions with confidence, leading to improved efficiency and competitive advantage.

Data Standardization Services

Transform data from diverse sources into a consistent format to achieve consistency across your data sources. Our service ensures uniform data representation for seamless integration and analysis. Combine data from various sources for a holistic view of your operations and generate valuable insights. Combine your customer data from your existing CRM, website, or marketing platforms effortlessly.

Industries We Serve

Our Data Processing Workflow

Collecting Requirements

The initial stage in our data processing is gathering the requirements from the client. Clients convey their particular requirements and objectives for the data processing tasks to be outsourced. This involves describing the kinds of data included, expected outcomes, and any obligations or priorities.

Onboarding and Data Collection

After gathering the requirements, the client begins the onboarding process by giving access to significant data sources, tools, and systems. Further, we make it to gather the essential raw data, assuring compliance with data privacy regulations and in-depth documentation.

Data Preprocessing

Our data preprocessing service involves cleansing, filtering, and transforming the raw data to prepare it for analysis. Common preprocessing steps include data deduplication, normalization, and missing value imputation.

Data Analysis

Once the data preprocessing is completed, then the processed data is evaluated by employing different techniques and tools to extract valuable insights and patterns. This involves descriptive statistics, data mining, machine learning algorithms, or custom analytical models relying on the client’s requirements.

Quality Assurance

At OODE, we perform rigorous quality checks both manual and electronic means as well as frequent audits to confirm the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of the processed data and evaluation results.

Reporting and Feedback

The insights gained from data analysis are transformed into extensive reports, dashboards, or visual representations, customized to fulfill the client’s requirements. These findings are handed over to the client for review and feedback, enabling collaboration and assuring alignment with their expectations and requirements.  

Delivery and Support

Once the client approves the final insights, we proceed to the final delivery of the processed data, reports, and any concerned documentation. In addition, continuous support is offered to deal with any further enquiries, enhancements, or extra requirements that may emerge, nurturing a collaborative and responsive partnership.

Why Businesses Prefer OODE

Expertise and Experience

Offshore Online Data Entry houses a team of highly talented workforce with extensive expertise in data processing, data analysis, and data management. Having a decade more experience in diverse industries, OODE understands the intricacies and challenges associated with handling diverse datasets.

Advanced Technologies

OODE employs cutting-edge technologies and tools to streamline data processing workflows, enhance accuracy, and improve efficiency. Moreover, from automated data cleansing algorithms to advanced analytics platforms, OODE leverages top-notch solutions to provide high-quality outcomes.

Data Security and Compliance

OODE gives prime importance to data security and compliance. The robust security measures implemented at OODE protect confidential information and guarantee regulatory adherence. Following stringent confidentiality protocols and abidance to industry standards, you can rely on OODE to manage your data with extreme care and integrity.


Substantial cost saving is a major benefit you gain by outsourcing data processing services to OODE. Because, you can save expenses related to internal infrastructure, personnel, and training as well as mitigate operational costs and assign resources more efficiently.

Offshore Online Data Entry – Streamlines Your Data Processing Complexities Effortlessly.

Never let complicated data management impede your business progress. Offshore Online Data Entry empowers businesses with an extensive data processing solution, employing advanced technology to convert raw data into actionable insights. From automated data cleansing that eliminates inaccuracies to advanced analytics platforms that disclose hidden patterns, OODE guarantees precise, high-quality results. We manage every facet of the process, starting from secure data transfer to rigorous quality control, enabling you to concentrate on strategic decision-making.

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