Data processing outsourcing

Data processing services is a process wherein any sort of operation is performed on the data such as collection, management, or disclosure. With an increase in the use of data, the concept of data processing has become significant in every organization. An effective data processing is essential to execute the strategic planning so as to increase the productivity of your business.

Basically, data processing involves the extraction of a specific information from a source, processing them, and later on presenting the information in an easily accessible and digital format.

Offshore Online Data Entry offers an extraordinary and uniquely designed data processing services for their valuable clients. Our services will help you to formulate critical decisions in an efficient way and within an affordable cost.

Data Processing Service

We possess a team of excellent and experienced staffs who will cater to your data processing requirements and will ensure to deliver a reliable set of services within a stipulated time. We will assist you in increasing the productivity of your business and simultaneously reducing the operating costs.

We offer multiple sets of data processing services such as:

  • Form processing – We deal with a variety of forms such as vouchers, invoices, insurance papers, medical claims, legal documents, and much more. The services include payroll processing, resume processing, market research entry forms, and much more.
  • Survey processing – The phases of our survey processing consists of:
    • Survey design
    • Survey setup
    • Survey reporting
    • Survey data analysis
  • Credit card processing – Our credit card processing services comprise of billing service, account execution, cash management, promotional programs, customer query resolution, and authorization services.
  • Data formatting – We offer various data formatting solutions including data filtering, grouping, formatting, and validation for effective data representation.
  • Word processing – You can explore a range of word processing services at our organization such as data extraction, cleansing, mail merging, OCR, page numbering, table formatting, and much more.
  • Records indexing – Record indexing is vital and we cover certain services, for example, document indexing, meta data indexing, invoice indexing, keyword indexing, and legal document indexing.

Our highly consistent and valuable services are perfect for news organizations, publishers, educational institutions, libraries, and corporate sectors.

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