Data Capture Services

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Data Capture Services

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Are you struggling with data capture complexities?

Get ready to harness the power of OODE data capture services, which enable meticulous extraction and timely processing of critical information. Discover and avail yourself of our customized solutions engineered to efficiently capture valuable data from diverse sources using advanced automation tools and strategies.

OODE Specialized Data Capture Solutions

Data Capture from Paper Forms

Capture handwritten, printed, and paper-based data from manual documents with advanced auto-capture tools. Convert your paper forms into digital records for seamless communication.

Data Capture from Scan Images

Harness the power of OODE scanning tools and auto-capture systems that ensure accurate and efficient collection of valuable data from scanned documents.

Data Capture from Surveys

Extract and process survey responses effortlessly with Survey Capture outsourcing services designed to handle large volumes of survey responses seamlessly.

Data Capture from Health Claim Forms

Reduce errors and delays in healthcare claim processing with our expert team, which can handle sensitive health information. OODE follows HIPAA compliance in all our data processes, guaranteeing the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Data Capture from Customer Sign-up Forms

Seamlessly capture and organize customer sign-up forms with our personalized service dedicated in crafting comprehensive customer profiles.

Data Capture from Product Registrations

Maintain up-to-date product data and real-time registration updates with OODE product registration solutions that capture critical information seamlessly.

Data Capture from Rebate Forms

Optimize your rebate claims with auto-capture tools and software that empower businesses to manage a structured rebate database that facilitates customer loyalty and improved turnaround times.

Data Capture from Application Forms

Streamline applications efficiently by capturing crucial data from a diverse range of application forms timely. OODE offers personalized services specially designed to extract the right application data from bundles.

Data Capture from Immunization Forms

Ensure efficient capture and support for your health organization with OODE data capture tools that are specially designed to handle immunization records accurately.

Data Capture from Medical Claim Forms

Optimize medical claim operations with reduced errors. Harness automated data capture process with advanced capturing tools from diverse claim formats and coding systems.

Data Capture from Test Requisition Forms at a Bio-medical Lab

Streamline your laboratory and health operations by accurately capturing requisition data of diverse formats seamlessly.

Data Capture from Marine Data for a Federal Government Agency

Avail OODE marine data capture outsourcing solutions tailored to handle marine drills, practices, and research activities for improved decision-making and comprehensive analysis.

Data Capture for Market Research

Improve strategic planning and insights into your market research with OODE data capture services designed to capture and organize diverse data formats and sources accurately.

The OODE Edge: Streamlined And Accurate Data Capture


OODE extraction services guarantee reliability by maintaining industrial-level standards that exceed clients’ expectations. With our decade of expertise in handling data across various sectors, outsourcing data capture services to OODE assures consistency in work.

Operational Excellence

Offshore online data entry fosters a culture that embraces cutting-edge technological innovations to maximize operational efficiency across all functions. Our comprehensive suite of services follows stringent protocols and key performance indicators to ensure continuous business improvement.

Prioritize business Focus

Refocus on your core business activities and objectives by entrusting OODE as your data capture service partner. Our expert team and dedicated services enable round-the-clock availability that empowers businesses to redirect their attention to core initiatives and innovation confidently.

Security Protocols

OODE services and offerings prioritize security and confidentiality in all our service offers. We employ robust security measures and protocols that guarantee the confidentiality of sensitive information until project delivery.

Timely Delivery

The OODE data capture business process uses personalized communication channels, software, and custom portals to enhance operational speeds and enable the business to meet narrow deadlines easily.

How OODE Sets Itself Apart

Measure and Pay

Enjoy flexibility in working with personalized data extraction models that are crafted to meet your unique needs and requirements. You can avail of quality services and pay us based on hours, labor, or projects effortlessly.

ISO Certification

As a proud holder of ISO certification, we comply with the latest industrial standards, ensuring that all your assets are handled with the highest level of accuracy, quality, and security at all times.

Decades of Data Expertise

OODE data capture outsourcing has a wealth of experience over a decade and a proven track record of delivering successful projects and clients globally. Our seasoned professionals are competent in working across different sectors and can work under immense pressure at ease.

All-in-One Data Management Solution

Our comprehensive suite of services can address all data needs at transparent rates. As a one-stop data management solution, we offer quality services from data entry to advanced data analytics suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Data Experts Proficient in Multiple Languages

Our expert team has shared expertise over a decade of managing clients from different regions. Our team is proficient in multiple languages and can confidently deliver exceptional results beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries.

Advantages of Outsourcing Data Capture Services to India

Low Cost and High Value

Indian labor costs and living expenses are meager compared to other regions of the globe. You’re getting high-quality work, an expert team, and an infrastructure at competitive pricing options.

Hiring choices

It’s easier to find, hire, or form a dedicated team effortlessly. The Indian education system and business collaborations facilitated seamless access to a vast reservoir of proficient individuals.

Managing Diverse Language Projects

Indian workforce, especially in the outsourcing sector, is well-versed in different languages and platforms. Indian offshoring fosters an environment of linguistic collaboration and cultural diversity that enables businesses to form partnerships.

Time Zone Difference

The time zone difference between India and other regions of the world provides a business edge for businesses in terms of reliability and 24/7 support. With multiple shifts and committed help desks, Indian outsourcing guarantees prompt responses and collaboration throughout the project.

Excellent Telecom Infrastructure

India’s telecom infrastructure and investments embrace a culture of reliable connectivity, communication, security, and data transfer that contribute to the overall success of outsourcing operations.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can data capture from product registrations benefit manufacturers and retailers?

OODE data capture outsourcing services enable retailers and manufacturers to gain insights into customer base and product performance by accurately capturing product registration.

How does data capture help healthcare organizations?

We have specialized services dedicated to healthcare organizations to streamline medical claims, data entry, insurance, and patient data accurately.

Does your survey data capture support diverse survey formats and response types?

Yes, the OODE data capture process effectively captures, organizes, and manages a wide range of survey formats.

What measures are taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of health records?

OODE’s adherence to ISO, HIPAA, and SOC certifications guarantees the confidentiality of all your digital assets throughout the processes.

Can you integrate the data capture model into our existing CRM without losing our existing database?

Our dedicated team of data analysts can integrate our service model into existing CRMs without editing or losing your crucial data.

What advanced technologies do you use to capture data?

Our data extraction team is well-versed with the latest extraction tools, such as OCR, ICR, AI, ML, and other intelligent systems that enhance operational efficiency in overall operations.

Can you capture data from unstructured data sources, or do we have to pay separately?

Outsourcing data capture services use advanced technology tools such as AI, ML, OCR, and NLP systems to extract critical data from a variety of sources, including emails, documents, and images, according to your business needs.

Can you extract and organize multilingual data from different websites?

The OODE data capture process uses self-learning algorithms and NLP-powered applications that facilitate linguistic diversity and accuracy in data capturing.

Can you extract handwritten notes, diagrams, and drawings from educational websites or unstructured books?

OODE data capture business processes use OCR and AI-powered extraction tools that can capture data from books, papers, magazines, websites, etc.

Can I avail of your service just for a time frame of 2 months?

OODE data capture outsourcing services offer personalized solutions where you can flexibly pay on an hourly, daily, or project basis.

Case Studies

Case Study 1


A leading New York-based market research firm specializing in e-commerce brands worldwide, they fetch valuable data from a variety of sources to gain useful insights.


The client faced challenges in capturing critical data from different sources. Arranging this crucial data in various formats into a well-organized database was time-consuming and resulted in delays. Furthermore, the acquired insights were Inaccurate and impacted future planning.


OODE team stepped into the scene by developing a personalized web data capture model that can extract valuable data accurately regardless of platforms, formats, or sources. Our data capture team implemented automation tools and software into their existing CRMs to streamline operations seamlessly.


OODE personalized solutions have brought significant changes to the web data capture firm within the first month. Our Advanced automation tools and strategies enhanced the accuracy of overall data capture processes. Our streamlined web capture model enabled the firm to regain client satisfaction and research productivity.

Case Study 2


Our client is a healthcare organization that effectively provides quality care for medical, dental, and cosmetic regions. They have to collect and process a large bundle of claims across different departments. Their distinct team for gathering claim data was unable to coordinate with insurance claim operators at peak times.


The claim data processing team relied on manual collection and data entry techniques. The manual processing and data entry hindered the speed of health claim operations. In addition, manual data entry was prone to mistakes, and they had to start all the way from the start.


OODE healthcare form processing service is the perfect choice for accurately capturing and organizing claims efficiently. By implementing auto-capture tools such as OCR, ICR, and others, we aim to extract and organize claims into a structured database favorable for claim and form processing departments.


The impact of OODE healthcare data capture solutions made a profound change within the first month of service. With advanced data capture technologies and tools, there was a massive improvement in operational efficiency and accuracy in handling medical records, claims, and databases, which led to the overall quality of healthcare services.

Technological advancements shaping data capture

AI and Machine language

Automate and streamline data extraction operations with OODE’s personalized software, tools, and applications powered by AI. Unlock maximum efficiency and accuracy in all your operations now.

Edge computing

Improve decision-making by optimizing your daily operations with OODE edge computing technologies. Reduce latency and response times with our IoT devices, sensors, etc.

Natural language processing

Extract accurate insights from unstructured databases with OODE advanced NLP integration strategies. Perceive customer sentiments by improving your decision-making skills with NLP and data analytics.

Blockchain technology

Safeguard your integrity of crucial business data with our blockchain technology that empowers businesses to maintain transparency and trust in data extraction operations throughout the process.

Robotic Process Automation

OODE practices deploy RPA strategies that allow businesses to save time, effort, and labor in extracting crucial data from a wide range of sources effectively.

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Offshore Online Data Entry has been one of the leading providers of outsourcing solutions for more than a decade. Our tailored solutions are specially designed to streamline complex operations with cutting-edge technology. Our dedication and commitment to international quality standards, data integrity, and operational excellence have made OODE Solutions the No.1 business choice for outsourcing.

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