Catalog Conversion Services

Efficient Data Digitization with OODE’s Catalog Conversion Services.

Catalog Conversion Services

Enhance your business and customer base by leveraging our catalog conversion services. Growth with us.

Are you struggling to keep your product information organized and readily available?

Are you losing your customers due to disorganized product pages that do not rank well in search engines?

As a leading outsourcing service provider in India, Offshore Online Data Entry (OODE) empowers your brand with meticulous Catalog Conversion service. OODE helps your business with conversion-focused product descriptions by dissecting product features, translating technical specs into user-friendly language, and creating precise yet informative copy that boosts sales.

Our Range of Catalog Conversion Service Options

Catalog Data Entry

Catalog data entry includes the accurate input of product information into a database, ensuring accuracy and completeness. This service simplifies the creation of structured and searchable catalogs, providing a base for efficient inventory management and customer accessibility.

Catalog Processing and Content Management

Catalog processing and content management includes the methodical organization, optimization, and maintenance of product data. This service assures that catalogs are continuously updated with precise and captivating information, enabling a flawless shopping experience for customers while optimizing internal processes.

Catalog Indexing

Catalog indexing focuses on developing organized and easily accessible catalog systems. It includes assigning significant keywords, categories, and tags to products, improving searchability and facilitating customers to locate desired items quickly within the catalog.

Catalog and Data Conversion

Catalog and Data conversion services transform catalogs from one format to another, enabling compatibility and accessibility. This consists of transforming physical catalogs to digital formats or adjusting data to satisfy diverse technological needs, encouraging versatility and adaptability in the digital age.

Catalog Database and Warehousing

Catalog databases and warehousing involve the storage, organization, and management of vast product datasets. This service optimizes data retrieval and analysis, ensuring businesses have a robust foundation for decision-making, inventory control, and seamless integration with various business processes.

The Competitive Edge of Outsourcing Catalog Conversion to OODE

Cost and Time Savings

Outsourcing catalog conversion services to OODE results in substantial cost and time savings. Our simplified processes and comprehensive expertise mean faster project turnaround times, mitigating labor costs and liberating internal staff for major business activities.


OODE stands out in providing quick catalog conversion services without reducing quality. Employing the latest tools and a skilled workforce, we guarantee swift and efficient conversion, enabling your business to stay ahead in a dynamic marketplace.


Choosing OODE for catalog conversion assures a high level of security for your confidential data. Our determination to data confidentiality, strong infrastructure, and compliance with industry standards ensures that your information is managed with extreme confidentiality and integrity.

Ease of Scalability

OODE’s catalog conversion services deliver high scalability. Whether you have a small catalog or a comprehensive product range, our flexible solutions adjust to your changing business requirements, ensuring a seamless transition as your business develops.

Consistent Quality

OODE never compromises on quality. Our experienced experts stick to strict quality control measures, ensuring that each product entry, description, and image satisfies the highest standards. Consistency in data accuracy and presentation is a hallmark of our service.

Improved Productivity

Outsourcing catalog conversion to OODE improves total productivity. By allocating OODE to manage the tedious tasks of data entry, conversion, and organization, your team can invest their effort on strategic initiatives, customer engagement, and other major facets of your business, boosting total efficiency and success.

Why OODE is the Ultimate Choice to Outsource Catalog Conversion Service

Improved Accuracy

OODE leverages cutting-edge technologies and meticulous quality control measures to ensure accurate catalog conversions, improving data integrity for businesses.

Customized Solutions:

OODE customizes its catalog conversion services to adjust to unique business objectives and workflows, offering personalized solutions that fulfill distinct requirements effectively.

24/7 Support

Businesses benefit with the constant support from OODE, ensuring reduced downtime and seamless catalog conversion operations, improving operational reliability.

Regulatory Compliance

OODE ensures compliance to significant catalog data regulations and standards, reducing legal risks for businesses and ensuring adherence with industry demands.

Global Reach

OODE’s widespread presence facilitates uninterrupted catalog conversion operations over different regions, enabling businesses access to diverse markets and improving worldwide expansion efforts.

Risk Mitigation

OODE assumes responsibility for discovering and reducing risks related with catalog conversion, offering businesses confidence in operational stability and reducing probable disruptions.

Why Outsourcing Catalog Conversion Service to India Stands Out

Low Cost and High Value

Outsourcing catalog conversion services to India particularly to OODE delivers a cost-effective solution without mitigating the quality. The lower labor costs in India facilitate businesses to attain considerable savings while still gaining high-value services. This cost benefit makes India an attractive destination for outsourcing, enabling businesses to assign resources strategically and boost their return on investment.

Large Pool of Skilled Professionals

India owns a wide pool of talented professionals in the arena of catalog conversion. The country’s education system generates a substantial amount of IT and data management graduates, ensuring a strong talent pool with different skill sets. Utilizing this expertise OODE helps businesses privilege from the specialized knowledge and experience of professionals proficient in catalog management and conversion services.

English-speaking Trained Professionals

India has excellent proficiency in English. It is a considerable advantage for outsourcing catalog conversion services. The experts at OODE are not only fluent in English but also trained in effective communication, ensuring flawless collaboration and understanding of project requirements. This linguistic advantage enables clear and efficient communication throughout the outsourcing process.

Time Zone Difference

The time zone difference between India and many western countries can be utilized for increased productivity. At OODE, our experts can continue working, while your working hours end providing a virtually 24/7 work cycle. This results in faster project turnaround times, helping businesses to boost their workflows and meet tight deadlines.

Excellent Telecom Infrastructure

India boasts a robust and reliable telecom infrastructure, supporting flawless communication between clients and outsourcing partners. High-speed internet connectivity and latest communication technologies ensure that businesses can maintain continuous contact with their outsourcing partners, fostering collaboration, real-time updates, and efficient project management. This infrastructure results in the complete success of outsourced catalog conversion projects.

Data Security and Compliance

Like most companies in India, OODE never compromises on data security and compliance with international standards. We stick to strict security protocols, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your catalog data. Having a commitment to compliance, including GDPR and other industry-specific regulations, OODE offers a secure atmosphere for catalog conversion services.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

What are the different kinds of catalogs OODE transforms?

OODE can convert a wide variety of catalogs, like product catalogs, service catalogs, industry-specific catalogs, and more.

Can OODE manage bulk amounts of catalog data for conversion?

Yes, OODE has the scalability to handle projects of varying sizes, from small catalogs to extensive product databases.

What is the time duration required for the catalog conversion process?

It completely depends on the size and intricacy of the catalog. OODE focuses on effective turnaround times and offers a project timeline upon assessment.

What all formats does OODE support for catalog conversion?

Offshore backs different formats such as spreadsheets, paper catalogs, PDFs, and other digital formats, ensuring flexibility in the conversion process.

How does OODE ensure accuracy in product information during conversion?

OODE houses a set of talented professionals who rigorously validate and enter product information, ensuring accuracy through a strong quality control process.

Can OODE offer tailored solutions for distinct catalog conversion requirements?

Yes, OODE customizes its catalog conversion services to fulfill the particular needs and preferences of each client, delivering customized solutions.

How does OODE deal with language and cultural considerations in catalog conversion for worldwide businesses?

Our team consists of English-speaking experts with cultural awareness, guaranteeing accurate and culturally suitable catalog content.

How can I initiate the catalog conversion project with OODE?

In order to begin a catalog conversion project with OODE, just connect with our team via our website, email, or phone. We will take you through the initial consultation and project assessment process to learn your particular requirements and pain points.

Does OODE provide assistance with the categorization and classification of products in the digital catalog?

Yes, OODE gives assistance in categorization and classification services to ensure that products are structured logically inside the digital catalog, enhancing user navigation and experience.

What measures does OODE take to ensure the security of my catalog data during the conversion process?

OODE complies with standards of ISO, HIPAA, and SOC Type 2. As a result we leverage secure data transmission channels, confidentiality agreements, and restricted access protocols to safeguard the confidentiality of your catalog data throughout the conversion process.

Case Studies

Case Study 1


The leading e-commerce company based in the United Kingdom had issues with its product catalog. They struggled with outdated and static catalogs, preventing their online presence and customer experience. The company required an extensive catalog conversion service to digitize its product information, improve searchability, and enhance the total user experience.


The prevailing catalog was in a paper-based format, and product data was spread across different spreadsheets, making it complex to handle and update. The bulk amounts of products added complexity, resulting in inaccuracies, uncertainties, and complexities in tracking inventory. The client required a solution that would simplify the catalog, making it advanced, accessible, and aligned with their online business goals.


In order to find an ideal solution for the issue, our experts at OODE performed a meticulous assessment of the current catalog structure and discovered major data points for conversion. A team of talented professionals did data entry, enhanced product descriptions, and added significant images to develop a visually pleasing digital catalog. The latest catalog indexing techniques were leveraged to improve search functionality. The solution included the integration of the digital catalog with the client’s e-commerce platform for a seamless online shopping experience.


Thanks to the wise intervention of OODE, the company is able to digitize the catalog. This contributes to:

  • Enhanced client’s online presence and customer engagement.
  • Improved search functionality.
  • 30% increase in product discovery.
  • Enabled real-time updates.
  • Mitigated errors.
  • Ensured accurate product information.
  • 20% boost in online sales.
  • Simplified catalog management process.
  • Accelerated operational efficiency.

Case Study 2


As part of the worldwide expansion of a multinational retail company, they confront challenges with different catalog formats and languages across regions. They required a catalog conversion service that could organize product information, ensure multilingual support, and enable a cohesive customer experience across all markets.


The prevailing catalogs were in diverse languages and formats, resulting in inconsistencies in product information and difficulty in maintaining a distinct brand image. The client needed a solution that could manage the linguistic and cultural nuances of each market, while also offering a standardized and consolidated catalog management system.


OODE hires a team of language specialists and catalog conversion professionals to manage the multilingual and format conversion facets. The catalog data was structured and enriched, taking into account cultural considerations for each target market. OODE established a centralized catalog management system with a user-friendly interface, enabling the client to update product information flawlessly.


The multinational retail company client obtained a simplified and consistent global catalog that met with different linguistic and cultural preferences. As we organized formats and enhanced product information it heightened customer understanding and trust. The consolidated catalog management system mitigated the time and effort needed for updates, resulting in a 25% decrease in operational expenses. The client efficiently widened its worldwide footprint, experiencing a 15% development in international sales within the first year.

Latest Trends in Catalog Conversion Service

Data Accuracy and Quality Assurance

With the growing significance of precise product information for online sales, outsourcing catalog conversion services may focus on strict data accuracy and quality assurance techniques. This involves meticulous validation and verification processes to ensure that product information is error-free and updated.

Multichannel Optimization

There are a lot of businesses that sell their products online through different online platforms.
Outsourcing catalog conversion services may highlight optimizing product catalogs for numerous channels, ensuring consistency and adaptability across different e-commerce platforms.

Automation and AI Integration

The consolidation of automation and artificial intelligence tools may be a trend in outsourcing catalog conversion services. Automation can simplify recurring tasks, while AI can improve data processing, image recognition, and even aid in predictive analytics for improved catalog management.


E-commerce is moving towards offering customized experiences for customers. Catalog conversion services may concentrate on personalizing product catalogs to separate customer preferences, resulting in more targeted marketing and accelerated customer satisfaction.

Globalization and Localization

Catalog conversion services highly aim on globalization and localization for businesses with a worldwide presence. This includes adapting product catalogs to satisfy the particular language, cultural, and regional requirements of different target markets.

Cybersecurity Measures

As data security becomes a rising concern, outsourcing catalog conversion services may include powerful cybersecurity measures. This involves secure data transfer, encryption, and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the product information being managed.

Embrace Future with Catalog Conversion Service at Offshore Online Data Entry.

Outsourcing catalog conversion services is significant for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Catalogs serve as the cornerstone of e-commerce, and outsourcing this task ensures efficiency, accuracy, and resource optimization.

Partnering with specialized professionals like Offshore Online Data Entry can redirect your in-house resources toward key competencies, nurturing innovation and growth. Accuracy in catalog conversion is vital for providing an ideal shopping experience.

We ensure rigorous data validation, image optimization, and multichannel compatibility, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, OODE’s expertise often consolidates advanced technologies, including automation and AI, simplifying processes and future-proofing catalogs.

Team up with OODE to enjoy the benefits of working with a decade more experienced catalog conversion outsourcing service provider.

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