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Do you want to streamline your business operation with Excel data entry?

Are you looking for Excel data entry experts to organize a large volume of your unorganized business data?

Do you want to empower your business with data assets? This is the right time for you to outsource Excel data entry services to an Excel data entry company.

Excel data entry is certainly one of the best options for companies who want to manage different volumes of data quickly. This kind of data entry helps businesses to understand trends and make informed decisions.

With a decade more experience in Excel data entry, Offshore Online Data Entry provides exceptional services to businesses to attain their goals.

Services We Offer

Excel Data Entry from Handwritten Documents and Printouts

We have a team of Excel data entry experts who can remove your stress from the daunting task of data entry. With us, you can convert your illegible handwritten documents to data that is of top quality and free of errors.

Excel Data Entry from Directories

Exploring our resources, we can enter data from directories of any volume and any format into Excel sheets within the stipulated time. We will conduct a solid quality assurance process frequently to ensure data quality.

Excel Data Entry from E-directories

Using cutting-edge technology, our Excel data entry experts capture large volumes of details from e-directories and transfer them accurately to Excel sheets. Understanding your requirements, we adopt a tailored approach for each client. You can contact us to get swift and quality service.

Excel Data Entry from Magazines

Our Excel data entry experts are highly skilled at gathering diverse and detailed content from magazines and entering them carefully into Excel sheets. We are committed to include your specific data requirements and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Excel Data Entry from E-magazine Journals

Employing advanced technologies, we extract details from e-magazines and journals and manually enter this data into Excel sheets. Offshore Online Data Entry can offer you the best Excel data entry service for e-magazines and journals at a reasonable cost

Excel Data Entry from Books, eBooks, Databases, etc

Our employees, who are highly experienced at Excel data entry from books, eBooks, and databases, can offer services to clients from any industry. We also integrate tight security measures throughout the data entry process to keep your data safe.

Account-related Excel Data Entry

With our efficiency in account-related Excel data entry, we aid you in making your data entry process much smoother. Regardless of the data complexity it carries, we collect every financial detail and convert it into valuable information.

Excel Data Entry from Image

Harnessing the power of technology, we can handle image data entry in Excel with much efficiency. We provide specialized data entry services to our clients by integrating robust techniques and measures. You can approach us when you want to outsource online Excel data processing services and offline Excel data processing services.

Excel Data Entry Services – What makes Offshore Online Data Entry Unique?

Unmatched Security

Offshore Online Data Entry employs the latest techniques to make client data secure. For OODE, protecting client data is not just a feature but a commitment.

Quick Solutions

The skilled Excel data entry professionals at Offshore Online Data Entry complete projects in a fast turnaround time. They always work with the view that clients never miss opportunities due to delays in project deliveries.

Pocket-Friendly Service

Offshore Online Data Entry offers Excel data entry services at a cost that is affordable to businesses of any size. OODE focuses on providing high-quality MS Excel data entry service without charging a hefty price.

Proven Experience

The team at OODE has gained the required experience in the domain to handle the business data with much efficiency. Offshore Online Data Entry assures that their data entry experts can address various demands easily.

Holistic Solutions

Offshore Online Data Entry offers holistic excel data entry solutions that can cater to the various requirements of clients. With the comprehensive solutions of OODE, the clients can attain their business goals much easily.

Multilingual Experts

Understanding the global characteristics of today’s business landscape, Offshore Online Data Entry has built a team of multilingual experts who can give staunch aid to clients from different industry verticals. That is, the Excel data entry services at OODE are accessible to everyone.

Why Outsource Excel Data Entry Services to Offshore Online Data Entry Services?

Unparalleled Quality

In the realm of Excel data entry service, Offshore Online Data Entry provides top-quality service to take businesses to the next level. OODE is known for offering Excel data entry services that move beyond the expectations of their clients. It is remarkable that Offshore Online Data Entry’s service remains steadfast.

Customer-Centric Approach

Offshore Online Data Entry adopts a customer-centric approach to deal with each project. That is by understanding each business has different requirements, they are involved in open communication with clients. Additionally, Offshore Online Data Entry tries to meet client’s expectations.

Scalability Redefined

You may outsource data excel data entry services to Offshore online data entry to meet your changing demands with much ease. With OODE, you can grow your business without any constraints.

High-Skilled Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of Excel data entry experts with deep knowledge in this field. They work meticulously to bring accuracy and quality to every data they enter. With a keen eye for each detail, excel data experts can provide you with quality service.

No. 1 Excel Data Entry Service Company in India

Offshore Online Data Entry is a top-tier Excel data entry company in India that has been offering reliable Excel data entry outsourcing services to clients from different parts of the globe. Businesses can opt for offshore Excel data entry service provider to get tailored solutions for their business requirements. Time zone differences and low labor costs are some factors that promise the completion of a project from Offshore Online Data Entry in quick TAT at less cost without compromising the quality.


How can I ensure that my data is safe?

We follow strict measures to avoid data breaches and maintain the confidentiality of our client’s data assets. Our employees are well-trained in data security, and we use the latest antivirus software and firewalls to protect our servers.

What is the pricing structure of Offshore Excel data entry services?

We offer a pricing structure that is affordable to any kind of business. The price of a particular project is charged based on the volume, complexity, and deadline of the project.

How long will it take to complete an Excel data entry project?

We follow a strict timeline to complete the project. Different projects will have various time requirements. To be in detail, factors like volume and complexity mainly decide the turnaround time of an online Excel data entry work.

Can you handle significant volumes of data?

Yes, we can handle any volume of data that you share with us.

What are the types of data that you can handle?

Our employees are highly skilled in handling various data, including alphabets, numerical values, date formats, and many more.

Can I approach you for regular Excel data entry services?

Yes, You Can.
We can provide daily, weekly, and monthly Excel data entry services based on your requirements.

What do you do to improve the accuracy of the data you deliver?

We have a team to do the quality check of Excel and spreadsheet data entry. And with this team, we conduct frequent quality checks before the final delivery.

Do you possess enough infrastructure to provide the best Excel data entry service?

Yes, we have enough workforce and technologies to provide you with the best result.

How can I share my data with Offshore Online Data Entry?

You can share crucial documents through encrypted email.

Why should I hire an Excel data entry company for my business?

By partnering with a BPO company, you can free up your in-house employees from the time-consuming task of Excel data entry and spend their valuable time on the core activities of your business.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Improved Efficiency through Excel Data Entry
A brief about our Client

Our client was a famous hypermarket in the US. They have been in the field for the past 20 years. The supermarket sells many products like vegetables, fruits, pulses, confectionaries, etc.

Challenges faced by our Client

The company was confused about launching a separate section and products exclusively for children up to the age of 4. They decided to analyze the last invoice of the last 12 months, and they had invoices and receipts which have to be entered into Excel data sheets. The data must be entered into separate categories like item name, units, date, etc. They wanted to complete the task within a short period.

What was our solution?

With a team of dedicated Excel data entry experts who are well-versed in the latest trends in Excel data entry services outsourcing, we were confident that we could complete the project successfully. We made a plan for the project and allocated a separate deadline for each process.
Leveraging the power of state-of-the-art technologies, our data Excel data entry experts efficiently entered all the data.
Data with errors is of no use. Understanding the importance of data, we formed a separate team of 5 members for Quality Check (QC). We conducted quality checks frequently and ensured the quality of our project.

End Result

As the data entry work was outsourced, the in-house employees in the company had a lot of time to spend on core activities. That is, areas like marketing, customer service, and project planning received significant improvement.


With the Excel data outsourcing project we delivered on time, our client could make enough analysis, and they created a separate division for children. Above all, this made a considerable hike in the ROI of the business.

Case study 2

Easy Creation Financial Report through Excel Data Entry Solutions
A brief about our Client

Our client was a well-known garment manufacturing company in the UK. It introduces new clothes based on the trends in the industry every year.

Challenges faced by our Client

The company introduced some new products in the previous year, and as a result, they viewed a sudden surge in sales. They wanted to prepare a financial report immediately, and they approached us to do the Excel data entry of last year’s sales receipts. They only had a short time before they prepared the financial report.

What was our solution?

Upon first analyzing the documents we received, we found that we needed some more experts to finish the project within the deadline. After a strict interview process, we hired some more experts who have enough expertise in the field. Once candidates are selected, we provide rigorous training for them to finish the project with maximum efficiency.
Our team of Excel data entry experts used robust technologies and completed the project before the deadline.
Furthermore, we take extra care to protect the data from any kind of malicious or unauthorized attacks.

End Result

By outsourcing Excel data entry services to us, the company received benefits like access to skilled experts, the latest technologies, cost-effectiveness, etc.


With the Excel data entry we delivered, the company could prepare financial reports with less effort and time.

Latest Trends in Excel Data Entry Services

With advancements in technologies, many features have been introduced in the realm of Excel data entry to make the Excel data entry process smoother and more efficient. As Offshore Online Excel Data Entry intends to ensure customer satisfaction, the company is constantly updated with the latest trends in Excel data entry services.

The Excel data entry professionals at OODE are proficient at using power query and power pivot tools, which can bring seamless data cleaning and deep analysis in Excel. Furthermore, the Excel data entry experts at Offshore Online Data Entry use collaboration features like real-time co-authoring and comments functionalities in Excel to ensure smooth workflow regardless of geographical limitations.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning also have an influence on Excel data entry. The data entry team at Offshore Online Data Entry uses these to identify the patterns and make the Excel data entry process smarter as AI and ML provide intelligent suggestions.

Above all, their commitment to accuracy and quality enables them to utilize the most modern data validation tools in all Excel data entry projects.

Distinguished Excel Data Entry Company

Offshore Online Data Entry is equipped to provide a wide array of Excel data entry services to businesses from any industrial vertical. With experience and expertise in this field, OODE provides quality service to clients. Prioritizing security, Offshore Online Data Entry integrates robust security measures to protect the data.

As OODE is a leading outsourcing company, if you choose us to outsource online Excel data entry work or offline Excel data entry work, You can attain cost and time advantages. Harnessing the power of multiple resources, OODE can make you stay ahead of your rivals.

Are you ready to maximize your profit with minimal effort? Want to outsource Excel Data Entry Services to India?

Then, outsource your Excel data entry work to Offshore Online Data Entry.

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