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Are you looking for data conversion experts to manage your data? Want to convert your data to a format that is easily accessible? Want to streamline your business process?
Offshore Online Data Entry is a leading Excel data conversion company in India. With a team of skilled experts, robust technologies, and innovative approaches, OODE serves clients from different parts of the world. Confidentiality of your business data is the top priority of OODE. As a renowned Excel data conversion company, we offer our services at highly competitive rates.

OODE’S Mortgage Data Entry Service Spectrum

Convert raw Excel data from and to various formats such as PDF, Web database, XML, text, Word, HTML, and more.

  • Conversion of MS word tables to XLS
  • Conversion of PDF tables to XLS
  • Conversion of HTML tables to XLS
  • Conversion of hardcopy books to XLS

Spreadsheet Data Conversion Services – Distinct Attributes of Offshore Online Data Entry

Absolute Security

The spreadsheet data conversion experts at OODE use data encryption and robust, secure network infrastructure to protect the confidential business data of the clients from unauthorized access, malware attacks, and phishing attacks. These advanced mitigation techniques safeguard the documents from data breaches.

Reliable Delivery

Offshore Online Data Entry provides quick spreadsheet data conversion services to the clients. The excel data conversion experts at OODE deliver the project before the deadline without compromising the quality. By using top technologies, Offshore Online Data Entry tries to match with time expectations of clients.

Longstanding Experts

Offshore Online Data Entry has an experience of 10 more years in this field. This facilitates OODE to meet the various requirements of clients. The sound knowledge the experts at OODE gained in these years, helped them to deliver scalable solutions for the clients.

Accessible Services

OODE offers services at truly affordable rates. The company functions with a view that its services should be available to small businesses and large businesses alike. By choosing to be budget-friendly, Offshore Online Data Entry is actually creating many loyal customers.

Holistic Solutions

The spreadsheet data entry experts at Offshore Online Data Entry works closely with the clients and provides comprehensive solutions. With the robust solutions of OODE, the client mitigates the range of challenges they face every day and achieve success much easily.

Always-Here Support

The spreadsheet conversion experts at Offshore Online Data Entry provide 24/7 service to clients, which allows them to contact OODE at any time when they encounter issues. With this exceptional customer service, OODE could attract many loyal customers.

Why Outsource Spreadsheet Data Conversion Services to Offshore Online Data Entry Services?

Exceptional Services

Offshore Online Data Entry provides matchless spreadsheet data conversion services to clients from different industries. The spreadsheet data conversion experts at OODE focus on the inputs and engage in accurate data conversions, considering all requirements.

Needs-driven Approach

Client satisfaction is an important element of the business landscape as it will create a positive feel about the brand among customers. Understanding this, Offshore Online Data Entry takes a client-focused approach in all the services it provides.

Limitless Scalability

Offshore Online Data Entry has robust resources and staff to meet the increased requirements without compromising the quality of spreadsheet data conversion. That is, OODE can scale up when the clients have more demands and scale down when the client has less demands.

Optimize Workload

Increase in productivity is the objective of most of the business organizations. The dedicated experts at Offshore Online Data Entry do the repetitive tasks for the clients and free up their valuable resources.


Being a leading excel data conversion services provider, OODE prioritizes the protection of the client data. Furthermore, Offshore Online Data Entry is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC-Type II.

Talented Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of seasoned excel data conversion experts who have a deep knowledge and expertise in their domain. By utilizing advanced excel data conversion tools, modern approaches and solid quality control procedures, our data conversion experts produce top results.

Benefits of Outsourcing Spreadsheet Data Conversion Services to India

Now, India has become an outsourcing destination for many due to the numerous benefits the country can offer.
When a company outside India, hires a service provider from the country, the company will get access to a pool of skilled excel data conversion experts who have solid knowledge in this domain. As these professionals are proficient in the English language, they could break the communication barrier much more easily. Another advantage is the rates at which services are offered. To be in detail, India provides services at competitive prices. Time-zone difference is another crucial element of India, the outsourcing hub. With time zone differences, the companies can ensure continuous workflow and eventually top productivity and efficiency.

Curious about OODE? Check out these FAQs!

What information should I share to start my project?

You must share information like sample data, required output format, volume of data, and complexity of data.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the data delivered?

We use automated tools and manual checks at every phase to ensure the accuracy of the data we deliver to our clients.

Can you handle files of large volumes?

We are equipped with the most advanced technologies and skilled data conversion experts who can handle any amount of data.

Do you offer services other than data conversion?

Yes, we offer services like

  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Copy-Paste
  • Finance and Accounting Services

Why should I choose Excel data conversion for my business?

By opting excel data conversion, you can improve the accessibility of data, boost productivity and streamline the workflows.

How long will it take to complete the conversion process?

The turnaround time of a project depends on factors like

  • Complexity of the work
  • Volume of data

How can I track the progress of my project?

We will provide you with regular reports, and you can contact us to learn about the progress of the project.

Do you offer a free trial before the commencement of the project?

Yes, we do.

What are the different payment options you have?

We offer payment options like debit cards, credit cards and Gpay

What is the qualification of your data conversion experts?

Data conversion experts have profound knowledge and enough expertise in this field.

Case Studies

About the Client

Our client was a market research firm in the UK.

Challenges faced by the Client

Once a manufacturing company approached our client to do the market research for them. As the external sources the client needed to analyze were of different formats, the client was facing a lot of time doing the market research. So, the market research firm approached us to convert those external sources, including online surveys and industry databases, into spreadsheets.

How We Assisted?

We created a team to engage in the task. We used the best technologies and innovative approach to do the task. Furthermore, we conducted frequent quality checks to ensure accuracy.


  • The client was able to make valuable insights
  • The client was able to do the market research in less time

About the Client

Our client is a supermarket in Canada. The supermarket has branches in different locations in Canada.

Challenges faced by the Client

The company had to rely on data in different formats to analyse and make informed decisions. As this sometimes led to inaccuracies and took away a lot of productive hours, the client decided to change the data into a standardized format. So they approached us with a requirement to convert their business data to pdf format.

How We Assisted?

We picked up some spreadsheet data conversion experts and provided training for them before initiating the task. Then, we set a time for each process so that we could complete the task with minimum time. Furthermore, we employed custom data conversion tools to transform the data into Excel data format.


  • This facilitated to accurate decision making
  • This led to the making of strategic plans
  • This reduced time and cost spent on the data conversion process
  • This improved operational efficiency

Trends in Spreadsheet Data Conversion Services

As technology is growing at a rapid rate, many notable trends have come in this field. Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough technology that aids in automating repetitive tasks and boosts the overall efficiency of the Excel data conversion process. Leveraging the power of cloud-based technology, the data conversion experts can work collaboratively and receive real-time updates.
Furthermore, to bring data-driven decisions, the excel data conversion experts are integrating excel sheets with latest analytics and reporting services. Also the integration with different platforms ensures smooth flow of data across multiple sectors.

OODE- Your Trusted Authority in Excel Data Conversion Services

Spreadsheets are one of the significant tools in the business landscape. It is increasingly being used by businesses around the world to store and analyze business data. Offshore Online Data Entry is a top-notch Excel data conversion service provider that helps businesses by consolidating their business data from different sources into an easily accessible format. We have enough experience in handling multiple kinds of data in different file formats. With our fusion of cutting-edge technologies and highly experienced professionals, we can deliver excellent data conversion solutions that can bring efficiency to companies.

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