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Offshore Online Data Entry Extraction is a visionary leader that offers cutting-edge data extraction solutions for global e-commerce businesses. Our commitment to adaptability, quality benchmarks, and customer contentment has established OODE as the No. 1 offshore outsourcing partner in India. Explore and choose from our extensive range of services dedicated to optimizing web data extraction operations seamlessly.


Data Extraction from Databases

Extract critical information from a variety of databases accurately with OODE’s advanced tools and techniques.

Data Extraction from Excel Spreadsheets

Capture and transform useful data by Extracting data from Excel spreadsheets. Effortlessly load data from one place to another seamlessly.

Data Extraction from PDF Documents

OODE PDF data extraction solutions enable you to extract text, tables, and any valuable piece of information from PDF documents.

Data Extraction from the Web and Other Information Sources

Collect valuable data from various web sources for purposes such as web data research, competitive analysis, or business forecasting.

Web Data Extracting Services

Harness OODE web data extracted services to collect valuable information from websites, online platforms, and other web-based sources to make informed business decisions.

Multi-source Data Extracting

Divide and extract data from multiple sources simultaneously. OODE multi-source extracting services obtain a comprehensive perspective of pertinent data from a wide range of origins.

The OODE Advantage

Budget-Friendly Choices

Minimize your financial burden with our wide range of OODE outsourcing solutions that offer personalized packages dedicated to carrying out complex business tasks with reduced overheads.

Personalized Offerings

Gain access to our customized deals specifically designed to meet your business demands and needs. OODE provides tailored communication channels, package combinations, and flexible offerings that empower businesses to tackle distinct challenges and goals.

Consistent Quality

The OODE team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality in all our products and services. As a leading data extraction company, our data analytics team always ensures that the output meets the international quality and expectations of our clients.

ISO Certification

With our decade of experience across different sectors, OODE certifications reflect our dedication to industrial quality standards and continuous improvement.

One-Stop Management Solution

OODE’s comprehensive suite of personalized services can fulfill the diverse needs of businesses such as IT, finance, customer support, human resources, and others.

Reasons to Outsource Data Extraction Services to OODE

Maximum Productivity

Achieve maximum productivity with OODE outsourcing web data solutions specially designed to offload your complex tasks efficiently.

Business Focus

Expand and scale up business operations with OODE’s innovative solutions that drive strategic growth into your online platforms and operations..

Availability and Regular Quality Checks

Enjoy round-the-clock support and assistance from our dedicated 24/7 help desk that guarantees seamless e-commerce operations.

Data Experts Proficient in Multiple Languages

Collaborate with confidence with OODE experts who are proficient in multiple languages and diverse projects from different regions of the world.

Timely Delivery

OODE prioritizes timely extraction, processing, and delivery of crucial web data within a short window frame that contributes to the overall efficiency of e-commerce operations.

Leverage India’s Deep Expertise for Your Needs

Robust control measures

Indian outsourcing culture fosters a work environment that guarantees confidentiality in all our services with regular reviews, quality checks, inspections, and monitoring practices.

Comprehensive quality planning

Indian Data Extraction Service Providers emphasize precise planning strategies, using quality measures, performance indicators, guidelines, and benchmarks to flag inaccuracies as soon as possible.

Skilled workforce

Indian outsourcing companies invest a great deal of time in training programs, talent development, and industrial best practices to improve skillsets and innovation.

Adherence to International quality standards

Expert Indian data extraction companies adhere to certifications and achievements, such as ISO, SOC, or HIPAA, that ensure consistent quality and international quality benchmarks.

Progressive refinement activities

Indian outsourcing fosters a culture of continuous improvement practices that regularly collect feedback, performance metrics, and quality check procedures.

Popular Questions

What types of databases can you extract data?

OODE database extraction services can accurately collect valuable information from SQL, NoSQL, Cloud, distributional, and network databases, among other sources.

How do you safeguard the security and integrity of the extracted data?

OODE data extraction service follows robust safety measures and protocols that guarantee the safety of confidential information throughout the whole operation.

Can you provide extraction solutions for large-scale enterprise-level databases?

Yes, OODE infrastructure, workforce, and services can accommodate large-scale projects seamlessly.

What are the advantages of extracting data from Excel spreadsheets?

Extraction of data from Excel spreadsheets supports seamless integration with other systems. In addition, it’s easier to access, analyze, report, and integrate from Excel spreadsheets.

Can you extract data from encrypted Excel files?

Yes, our extensive data extraction services can accurately extract data from encrypted or password-protected files while maintaining data security and confidentiality throughout the process.

What types of data can be extracted from PDF documents?

Our PDF database extraction services can capture tables, images, text, and other structured content from PDF documents.

How do you ensure the accuracy of extracted data?

OODE services are monitored, reviewed, and tracked 24/7. We employ KPIs, reviews, and frequent quality checks to track operations’ performance.

Can you extract data from social media platforms?

Yes, OODE web data extraction solutions enable businesses to collect information accurately from social media platforms, websites, and other online sources.

Do you offer custom services for a limited time?

Absolutely. We offer personalized choices where businesses can measure and pay based on time, labor, or work done.

What technologies do you use to extract data?

The OODE data extraction team is well-versed in the latest technology tools, such as Automation, ML, NLP, etc., to enhance operational speed and accuracy.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Data Extraction from Excel Spreadsheets

Our client is a sales analytics firm headquartered in Texas, USA. Their substantial Excel proficiency across diverse sectors and creative solutions have attracted fresh customers in nearby urban areas. Nevertheless, their traditional approaches of manual data entry, duplicating and pasting, and other procedures impacted their overall effectiveness and ability to handle multiple tasks.


Our client’s dependence on manual data entry tasks affected operational speeds. With increasing orders and queries hitting the desks, managing repetitive tasks led to inefficiencies in Excel management and data analytics. As a result, they faced difficulties in meeting clients’ growing demands and dynamic market trends.


The OODE expert team proposed an automated data extraction model tailored to manage Excel spreadsheet formats seamlessly. With our advanced automation tools and techniques, we have streamlined the extraction, transformation, and migration of Excel spreadsheets into a centralized database.


OODE Excel data extraction solution helped the client save valuable time and effort and reduce downtime. Automating extraction processes enabled the organization to manage multiple clients seamlessly. Furthermore, our customized service enabled the client to enhance strategic planning, gain real-time insights, and improve collaboration within the administration.

Case study 2

Web Data Extracting Services

Client background

Our client is an e-commerce market research firm located in Liverpool, UK. It is one of the active analytics firms with over eight years of experience in market analysis and online marketing strategies. However, with the rapid rise of e-commerce startups, the firm experienced a surge in inquiries and concurrent workload.


Manual extraction and tracking of critical data was time-consuming. They encountered difficulties in finding time for new clients along with managing existing ones. Their budget for fresh hires or resources was limited. Manual data collection from web sources limited the scope of data aggregation and hindered their ability to craft real-time market insights for their clients.


OODE addressed the issues promptly, and our web data extraction services were the perfect choice for their budget, needs, and requirements. Our advanced web scraping tools can accurately assess, collect, and track crucial data that is useful for effective market research, planning, and forecasting purposes.


Automated web extraction enabled the firm to save costs, time, and resources, marking a significant improvement in web research strategies. OODE web extraction solutions helped the firm expand its market coverage by seamlessly tracking real-time data from a diverse set of websites.

Current Trends Of Data Extraction

AI-Powered Data Extraction

OODE Automated web extraction tools enable automated pattern recognition, natural language processing, and image recognition techniques that can extract valuable data and adapt to evolving web structures and content.

Robust Data Parsing and Structuring

Organize your web data from unstructured formats with advanced data parsing strategies. Extract and streamline crucial data from a diverse range of data types that include text, images, and multimedia content.

Real-Time Web Data Monitoring

Track and monitor web content with OODE real-time data monitoring systems, which provide real-time data updates, reporting, and prompt responses to market changes.

Customized Data Delivery Formats

OODE web data solutions use customizable data delivery formats that include APIs, data feeds, and other formats that enable seamless integration of extracted data into any existing workflows.

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Uncover the extensive suite of OODE solutions meticulously designed to meet the dynamic requirements of ecommerce businesses. Our steadfast commitment to excellence and our decade of expertise can craft personalized strategies that elevate your overall efficiency of e-commerce and marketing strategies proficiently.

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