Image Data Entry Services

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Image Data Entry Services

Maximize the value of your image data assets by contacting our image data entry experts

Are you in the midst of the struggle to capture data from a vast load of images? Interested in improving the accuracy of image data entry?

Want to get the service from a group of leading image data entry experts? Then you have reached the right destination. Offshore Online Data Entry is a high-quality image data entry service providing a company that can transform visual data into actionable information.

As companies need trustworthy image data entry service providers to handle their image data and free up their resources for core activities, choosing Offshore Online Data Entry will be a great decision.

Image Data Entry Services Offered by OODE

Image Capturing

Exploring robust resources, our image data entry experts capture the image and its entire data. By focusing on accuracy and quality, the Offshore Online Data Entry team will give you top image-capturing outputs. Additionally, this will boost your customer satisfaction.

Online Offline Image Data Extraction

Harnessing the power of the latest technologies, our experts can do Online/Offline data entry in less time. We can help you to concentrate on the core functions of your business by delivering top online /offline image data extraction services.

Image Data Entry for Catalog

We can serve you better by providing high-quality image data entry services. As we are much aware of the role of information in catalog and brochures in business, we can do this efficiently.

Image Data Indexing

Timely access to information is an important part of businesses. So, our team of experts organizes image data by indexing it properly. We adopt a unique approach for image indexing based on the requirements of clients. OODE facilitates an easy data retrieval system for our clients.

Image Conversion

The team at Offshore Online Data Entry is highly experienced in image conversion. By using cutting-edge technologies, our experts convert the images into client-specific formats. With our image conversion services, you can boost your company’s operational efficiency.

Image Scanning

We offer top-end image scanning solutions to keep your data safe in digital form. By infusing advanced scanners, we make the image-scanning process much more effective. Our scanned image data service can modernize your business operations and smoothen your digital workflows.

Additional Specialized Services Offered

Image Data Entry Services – Unique Attributes of Offshore Online Data Entry

Supreme Security

Realizing the importance of security, we include stringent security measures to protect your crucial data. The security features that Offshore Online Data Entry incorporates secure the data from any kind of unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Prompt Fixes

The image data entry professionals at OODE can handle data, and they can finish a project within less time. While focusing on completing the work in quick TAT, data experts also make sure that the final result doesn’t lose quality.

Affordable Services

OODE offers photo data entry services at a reasonable cost. The service plans are designed in such a manner that clients get maximum output for their investment. Additionally, the pricing structure is much more transparent and OODE don’t have any hidden charges.

Years of Experience

Offshore Online Data Entry has over ten years of experience in image data entry services. With this experience, OODE can understand the needs and goals of each client, and works dedicatedly to meet them.

Comprehensive Solutions

OODE has enough resources to satisfy your business requirements. With the one-stop data entry solution of OODE, you can bring a change to your core operations and ensure the growth of your company.

Multilingual Experts

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of image data entry experts who are experienced in this service and proficient in multiple languages. With proficiency in various international languages, experts can efficiently do the data entry.

Why Outsource Image Data Entry Services to Offshore Online Data Entry Services?

Utmost Quality

Quality is the top priority in the service OODE provides. The photo data entry experts at OODE take the data through multiple quality assurance processes and ensure that it is error-free before the final delivery. You can get access to reliable information much more quickly.

Client-Centric Approach

Understanding the need for customer satisfaction, Offshore Online Data Entry adopts a client-centric approach for all services. OODE maintains open communication with its customers throughout the process.

Advanced Scalability

Companies will have different requirements based on market fluctuations. Offshore Online Data Entry has enough workforce and technology that can be used with changes in demand. That is, OODE can adjust to match with client demands.

High-Skilled Professionals

Offshore Online Data Entry has a team of image data entry professionals who are very experienced at handling any amount of data with top accuracy. The expertise of photo data entry professionals contributes to the better completion of projects.

Maximize Productivity

By outsourcing your data entry work, you can concentrate your efforts on the core functions of your business. That is, experts at OODE can bring success to your business.

Top- Class Service

Offshore Online Data Entry has ISO certification, and we follow international standards to provide high-quality service to our clients. Experts at OODE focus on offering world-class service to our clients.

No. 1 Image Data Entry Service Company in India

Offshore Online Data Entry is a leading image data entry company in India. The benefits that you will get if you approach an offshore service provider are many. Time zone advantage is the top benefit that you will receive if you connect with us. That is, you can approach it without any time constraints. Photo data entry experts at OODE can work for you when you leave the office and get everything done when you return. OODE has experts that are well-versed in the English language, So you can ensure hassle-free exchange of information. Rather than this, there are many other advantages that you can expect if you choose a service from India.


What is Image Data Entry?

Image Data Entry is the extraction of data from images and conversion of that text into a format of your preference.

What is the turnaround time for an image data entry project?

Depending on the complexity and volume of data, different projects require various TATs. If you want to know more about this, please contact our senior data entry expert.

What is the pricing structure for an image data entry service?

We cannot say a general pricing structure for all projects. But we have structured our pricing structure in such a manner that, it is accessible to everyone.

What are the various modes that you use to communicate with your clients?

Our customer service experts offer 24/7 service and use email and phone to communicate with clients.

What are the steps that I need to go through before outsourcing image data entry work?

Clearly mention the scope of your work and specify the format you need the data in.

How do you ensure the accuracy of image conversions?

We implement a double-entry verification process and conduct frequent audits to ensure the accuracy of image data entry results. Furthermore, we include data validation techniques to locate the errors in real time.

Why should I outsource an image data entry service?

By outsourcing image data entry, you can focus on core operations of your business and can ensure maximum efficiency in image data entry tasks.

Is there any agreement to sign in, when I take the service?

Yes, a formal agreement that details terms and conditions, project delivery time, pricing structure and every single details about the project, have to be signed.

Can I make a visit to your company?

Yes, you can schedule an appointment and visit our company to view the infrastructure and in-house employees.

Do you have any previous experience in this field?

We have more than ten years of experience in this field. That is, we completed complex as well as simple projects efficiently within the deadline.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Digitizing Question Papers for a University

A brief about our Client

Our client was a renowned college in the UK. The college offered graduate and postgraduate degrees in many subjects. It had students who hailed from various parts of the world.

Challenges faced by our Client.

The college had to digitize a large volume of old question papers in English subject. The primary purpose of digitizing question papers is to protect them from wear and tear. Additionally, they wanted to organize all the data correctly.

What was our solution?

The image data entry professionals gathered all the images and sorted them based on the academic year. Then, used high-quality scanners to digitize question papers and tagged them manually. While organizing, they used tags like course code, year, and examination type.
Finally, they created a digital repository and stored every document structurally. Also, include a double verification method to block unauthorized access.


With the digitization of question papers, students and teachers can access the question papers much more quickly. Furthermore, it streamlined the process of question paper distribution and management. The digitization of question papers also helped the college align with sustainability goals, as this reduced the wastage of paper.

Case study 2

Digitizing Receipts for an Automobile Manufacturing Company

A brief about our Client

Our client was an automobile manufacturing company in Canada. The company is one of the well-known companies in this country.

Challenges faced by our Client

The company has had a surge in sales in the last six months, and in busy times, they can’t digitize all the receipts. They wanted to enter all the details in the receipts immediately to analyze the sales.

What was our solution?

Data Collection: Image data entry professionals collected all the photos and segregated them based on the month.
Data Entry: By applying the latest techniques and measures, the image data entry experts entered every detail. They also ensure the accuracy of the data entered by conducting quality checks.
Data Storage: Created a centralized data repository and transferred all the data into that repository.


As they received all the receipts digitized before the deadline, they could make a detailed analysis of them much more easily. Furthermore, from the analysis, they decided that if they introduced some offers and provided options for loans, they could bring an increase in sales.

Latest Trends in Image Data Entry Services

As we live in a world of technological advancements, companies must use the most modern technologies to stay at the forefront. Offshore Online Data Entry is a leading-edge image data entry service provider equipped with deep knowledge of the latest trends in image data entry.

The efficient image data entry experts at OODE are well-versed in using AI for image data entry and AI for automating some repetitive tasks and understanding patterns from images. Furthermore, they use cloud-based solutions to store a vast amount of data and work collaboratively. And this brings an increase in efficiency in the entire process.

Understanding the importance of Security, data experts at Offshore Online Data Entry focus on image data entry at every step. To be detailed, they infuse the latest security protocols and techniques for protecting the integrity of client data. OODE also gives importance to providing customized data entry solutions for clients.

OODE- Front-runner in Image Data Entry Service

Offshore Online Data Entry is ready to offer solutions to businesses in finance, e-commerce, legal, automobile, and many more industries. With our outsourcing service, you can find a drastic change in your business.

OODE promises you that with different types of image data entry services, Offshore Online Data Entry can partner with you in your digital workflows and bring efficiency to all your business operations.

You can approach us at any time. The image data entry experts offer 24/7 service, making it easier for clients to contact.

Want to transform image data handling? Contact us to begin your image data entry with quality and efficiency.

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