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Data Entry Services

Data entry service is a broad term that encircles a lot of various other occupations and these include electronic data processors, word processors, typists, transcribers, coders, and much more. In general, the term ‘data entry’ means to operate equipment, such as a keyboard, which is used to input the data. The data can be alphabetic, numerical, or symbolic. The data can be either in a handwritten form or an audio file.

Offshore Online Data Entry is a leading, renowned, and efficient data entry service provider in the global market. You can outsource your data entry needs to us, to establish and streamline your business operations. We are specialized in digitizing and manually entering a bulk of data, within a reasonable cost.

We have employed a team of well-trained and professional data entry specialists, who offer accurate and reliable services within the mentioned time.

Major Data Entry Services:-

Our OCR and ICR technologies will assist you with the conversion of a bulk of handwritten or printed documents into an electronic format daily. It helps to increase the correctness of the extracted data and will also ensure to increase in the productivity of your business in the long run.

The data input can be in any format such as ASCII, COBOL, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, SGML, XML, or any other types. We believe that data is a crucial asset of your business firm.

An effective data entry is required for carrying out the transactions, customer support, and decision-making process. We assure to meet the needs of our clients and strive hard to deliver measurable business outcomes.

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