Eliminate errors and improve quality with our competent Invoice Processing Services.

Invoice Processing Services

Offshore Online Data Entry has the best practices for invoice process outsourcing. Our techniques are the best in invoice scanning, invoice data extraction, and handling the overall invoice management process.

We collect digital or physical invoices and convert them into convenient formats, ensuring easy access to them and enforcing the invoice management cycle.

With our best experience as one of the top invoice processing companies, we can help you get the volumetric process completed in no time.

Services We Offer

We give you complete assistance in managing invoice processing requirements in bulk. Our Services include,

Matching of purchase orders to invoices and avails comparisons.
Validation of invoice data with correct codes and details.
Extracting invoice data directly from physical files using OCR invoice processing techniques.
Auditing and reconciliation of scanned invoice documents.
Check cashing details to make sure that there are no underpayments or overpayments.
Data extraction from header or line items.
Indexing of invoice documents to ensure quick access and traceability.
Generation of extensive reports on payments and their processing.
Creates receipts of E-invoices and makes sufficient copies to preserve them.

We can avail manual and automated invoice processing to provide you with the best experience of invoice process outsourcing.

Work Flow

We collect the invoices into our FTP servers through secured and transparent procedures. You can send the invoices as mail attachments. We verify the accuracy of invoice data with invoice automation and can have the facilities to keep the files in different formats like XML.
The invoices are gathered, organized, and then handed over to our expert team to check their precision and validity. You can have the facilities to monitor our invoice process outsourcing services, and our team has fast reflexes to implement your recommendations.
Providing the chance to monitor the procedures followed for invoice capture and processing at regular intervals.

Why Choose Us

Services are cost-effective, quality-ensured, and authentic. It helps you get better productivity.
A team of experts experienced in invoice or bill processing makes the process more authentic.
The teamwork can ensure multiple quality analyses during the process. They get assisted with automated error-checking facilities too.
We provide the chance to monitor the procedures followed for invoice capture and processing at regular intervals.
Automation tools will help process large amounts of invoices at a time and reduce time wastage on manual processing.
The quick methods for invoice scanning and bill processing help our staff to provide the results in a faster turnaround time.
Ensures the best security measures for preventing your confidential invoice data from any digital threats or cyber-attacks.


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