8 Steps to Outsource Mobile App Development to a Renowned Company

An increasing number of businesses are moving away from the traditional methods and adapting the latest technology or outsourcing, many companies are also considering outsourcing app development over in-house design. Though there are a lot of benefits of outsourcing, choosing a reliable partner is quite challenging. Since a big risk is involved in choosing a reliable mobile app development company, it is important to understand how to choose the right outsourcing partner. In order to be sure that mobile app development is done as needed, below are a few best practices or steps to follow:


Once you start the search for a company to outsource web app development, the first thing is to do an assessment of the business. Need assessment, also known as gap analysis, consists of points you need to measure to find where the company currently stands and where it wants to be.


Once there is a clear understanding of future roadmap, then the next step is to set clear objectives on how to achieve things. Both the assessment and setting objective should be done before contacting an offshore mobile app development partner.

Compatible Company

Once the planning part is done, the next step is to find a suitable partner for the company. A feasible partner will be one which meets the business needs and understands the business objectives. This company chosen to outsource app development will soon become a part of the business and should make sure they fit in the way any employee would.

Check the partner work pattern

The next step is to check if the developer company is also outsourcing. It’s not an unheard concept for a mobile development company in USA to outsource it to an Indian counterpart. For some organizations, it is not a problem but for some, the results could be disastrous especially if any IP material is mishandled or any third-party licensed technology is leaked which could land the company in legal troubles.

Early Proof of Concept

If this business is being done for the first time with a development firm, then an early deliverable of a proof of concept model of software can be asked. By checking the draft of the app, you can decide how the result would seem to be.

Local Contact

While searching for an outsourcing app development company, it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the near vicinity. Top mobile app development companies do have branch offices or partner companies which are present in big cities. Communication improves drastically when they have a local presence.


When app development is outsourced, then good communication is very important. If the firm is using agile methodology for the development, then communication is very crucial. Though keeping track of minute details could cost a little more, it is all worth in the longer run.

Collaboration with the Partner

Outsourcing development to a top mobile app development company is not a one-sided project. So, one cannot expect to send out the set of requirements and receive the final product. The development partner will give their opinion on the strategy and the requirements as they are having the technical expertise. At the same time, it should be a collaborative process. This gives a sense of ownership.

These steps are guaranteed to help in taking a better decision when outsourcing the app development. Though every business has its set of challenges and requirements, solutions must be figured out accordingly.

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