5 Secrets to Writing Product Description For ecommerce

Writing product descriptions is not an easy job. There are many elements that are required to make the product descriptions work well for an e-commerce firm. The product description should be precise, accurate, correct, cannot misrepresent, provide the details the target customer may be looking for, attractive, technically perfect, search engine optimized and more! Doesn’t that sound complicated? That’s exactly why e-commerce data entry is a cumbersome job. Considering that the only way the e-commerce firms can attract customers and persuade them to make a purchase is via the product images and the descriptions, product details have to be very diligently articulated. Here are 5 secrets to writing winning product descriptions for e-commerce:


That’s exactly what the product description must be – descriptive. If you plan to write a sentence or two about your product, it’s definitely not going to help you. Make use of the space provided to input the product description elaborately. You can include all salient features of the product and even how else it can be used! When you outsource e-commerce data entry services they make sure that every aspect of the product is well-covered in its description. If different versions or colors are available, also mention the same in the description. 


It’s this description that’s going to serve the purpose of a salesman! So, it has to be as attractive. But that doesn’t mean that your product description can contain false information. You can add a professional photographer to the project to showcase the images of the product from various angles. This will complete the picture. The outsourcing data management services provider has to ensure attractive content copy to go along with the product details. 

Search Engine Optimized

Local and global SEO are important for businesses to attract more leads into their website. While local SEO offers better local visibility and higher SEO rank, global SEO is also important if you are looking at a global market. SEO not only gives your e-commerce site better visibility, but also increases your web traffic which you can convert into sales. 

Technically Precise

The product descriptions must have the technical details of the products being sold. If it is a computer, it must have the detailed configuration with the details of the brand of parts used. The e-commerce product data entry provider must employ data entry operators who are proficient in their field of expertise. They will be able to input the technical writing too. 

No Nonsense

Finally, the ecommerce websites must not contain any non-sense text or content. Customers’ time is precious. So, the e-commerce product data mining experts can come up with the right choices of words and features to showcase in the product description. As mentioned earlier, a no-nonscience, and attractive product description that’s search engine optimized will win you half your conversions. Rest depends upon your product reviews and performance.

e-commerce data entryProduct reviews can also bring in a lot of organic traffic like a winning product description. But that’s a different ballgame altogether! You can check out the product descriptions for popular products on popular e-commerce websites to understand how they can be written. Make sure you employ people experienced in writing e-commerce product descriptions to ensure ample traffic and conversions.

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