How to Choose Your Logistics BPO Service Provider

How to Choose Your Logistics Service Provider

Shifting goods from one place to another is a difficult task for the organization and choosing it should be done after careful research and considering all the aspects. This is because logistics BPO outsourcing companies do much more than only moving products from one location to another. The service provider is responsible for planning and controlling every stage of the product starting from tracking and collecting information.

A competent BPO outsourcing company also bears the responsibility of the safety and security of the goods transferred in the supply chain. So, from the manufacturing to the delivery the work is handled by the logistic service provider. Both e-commerce and FMCG businesses need 3rd party logistics company and the service provider have an impact on the customer experience level apart from efficiency and cost issue.

There are logistics process outsourcing services company which handle either the full supply chain process or some part of it be it transportation or tracking. So, depending on oneโ€™s needs the company should be chosen. But this becomes difficult for small online companies and start-ups who are not that well established in the market. Below is a list of steps to find the best logistics service and help the business grow.

When a logistics company is chosen to work with the BPO service provider, make sure the products reach the customer on time and in good condition and their representatives when interacting with the customer must hold the reputation of the company.

A 7 Step Guide


Different businesses have different needs. So, it is important to analyze what sort of goods are transported and whether the needs match with the correct logistic provider. For example, the deliveries are to be made around the country then the logistics BPO service should have a distribution network all over India. The number of goods to be delivered and the frequency of the delivery affects the decision and so the capacity changes with the business.

Customer Service

One needs to see what sort of customer service is provided by the BPO services for logistics. This is one of the most important selection criteria to maintain quality. It will help in building stronger business relationships. The BPO services should be responsive and problem-solving centric. So before finalizing one needs to check references and testim0nials regarding their customer service. Apart from the service they need to have a well-documented process so the things can be managed for years to come.


Another thing to check is how much is the logistic process outsourcing process service provider experienced. One should always go with a logistic company which has few years of experience so that they can deal with issues which come unexpectedly.


The service provider needs to be a stable organization and does not shut down or go out of business at difficult times leaving the organization in a fix. The logistics service provider is liable for the safety of goods and products. If any issue occurs and the logistics provider is not able to handle the financial blow, then the liability lies on the client and this may ruin the business.


The organization needs to opt for fast e-commerce shipping so that the customers are happy, and they are satisfied with the on-time delivery. So, it is all about the speed as the customers are less patient and more demanding since they are purchasing stuff at a click of a button. This consumption has become easier by the e-commerce firms and logistics BPO companies are making it a reality.


Reliability is another factor as the delivery should be in excellent condition because the refund cost could be high if any damage occurs. So, the right logistics partner should be reliable enough to handle this and deliver accordingly.


Price is a big factor when choosing a third-party logistics partner. No company will be running at a loss or give something not paid for if the prices are low then one must be cautious. Reducing price may cost in terms of damages goods and business loss.

Mentioned above are the seven steps to consider when choosing the right logistics documentation service provider and making the correct choice will keep the customer happy and business profitable.


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