In simpler terms, logistics bpo is a process of planning, implementing, and controlling the various procedures for carrying out efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods.

Logistics is a key element for the effective supply chain management. But it is to be noted that as an industry, logistics come across too many challenges, which at times, the industry based people might fail to handle due to less importance or less availability of time.

Are you facing challenges and a large number of errors due to logistics? If yes, then sit back and relax as we are here to help you out.  We, at Offshore Online Data Entry, will offer you with the best and comprehensive logistics services which will help you to minimize the cost as well as improve the customer relations.

Logistics BPO Services

Our data entry specialists will make sure to offer you with a reliable and highly accurate set of the desired output, at an affordable rate and within a stipulated time.

Our Major Logistics BPO Outsourcing Services are:

Inbound services

Order tracking, marketing support, forms processing, credit card processing, voice mail services, database management, sales lead capture, reservation setting, tech support, and much more.

Outbound services

Consist of customer service, retention campaigns, product/sales services, and much more.

Logistics management automation software

It enables the sophistication of reporting, analytics, easy integration, centralized storage of all types of data, single consolidated weekly invoice, and much more.

Logistics for trucking companies

With the help of logistics for trucking company services, we will help you to get an easy access to a high quality-oriented transaction processing, data processing, payment processing, business intelligence, and much more.

Freight payment and pre-audit

Our service will detect the inaccuracy in the billing process, and ensure to focus a good amount of time in clearing the payments and claiming the disputed bills.

Freight payment and post-audit

We review every invoice and ensure to correct the tariffs, discounts, and classifications.

Bill of lading generation

Our bill of lading services will ensure a faster and an in-depth streamlining flow of the goods and services for the various logistics and transportation companies.