10 interesting facts about outsourcing online data entry service

Data entry has become the most lucrative business with more businesses looking for professionals to manage their critical information. From day to day operations to marketing and communications, data is a highly valued asset for every business. Dealing with data is not an easy job and it requires expertise and experience which is conveniently provided by outsourcing firms. With the increase in demand for outsourcing, online data entry has become a trend among businesses of all cadre. Even if big business firms can afford to set up an inhouse team, they also prefer to outsource citing the multitude of advantages offered. For small and start-up firms, it is ideal to make use of outsourcing service providers.


Businesses of all scales can benefit from outsourcing online data entry services. They offer a multitude of service options and support services which help the businesses stay afloat during peak and dull seasons without damaging their resource levels.


Data entry requires much expertise contrary to the popular belief. Domain expertise, technology familiarity, local familiarity and data entry speed all matter significantly to deliver quality data.


Unless there’s quality, data is of no use. Irrelevant, incomplete and wrong data will yield no good results for any business. In fact, it will only damage the business reputation, process flow, productivity and profitability. The outsourcing firms ensure utmost quality by sticking strictly to proven quality standards. They cleanse the data before proceeding to the next level.

On-time Delivery

With expertise comes speed! Though maintaining quality can be a huge challenge while dealing with bulk data, the outsourcing firms ensure on-time delivery of quality data by engaging more experts and using the best technologies apart from defining the processes involved and sticking to the plans.


Cost is a major factor that businesses seriously consider and associate with every process, whether done inhouse or outsourced. Considering the cost of recruiting and setting up an inhouse team for data entry, outsourcing the same to competent online data entry service providers in India will be a more cost-effective option.

 Support Services

Data entry does not stop at entering the data online or offline. It also involves scanning and indexing, image data entry, data cleansing and sometimes even reporting the same. All these support services are provided by competent outsourcing service providers.

Online-data-entryLatest Technology

In the modern era, technology plays a critical role in easing and finetuning any process. When it comes to data entry, the use of modern scanners and software tools will take care of most of the quality aspects of data. It will also ensure timely completion of bulk data entry.

Multiple Formats

Businesses use data for different purposes. This means, they will need data in different formats for different purposes. Converting data in one format to another can be quite challenging to those who are not familiar with it. A good outsourcing firm will be equipped to provide data in different formats required by the firm.

Meet Company Requirements

Unless the data meets the company’s requirements, it is of no value to the business. A junior level data entry operator may not be able to meet your company requirements at one go. A competent and experienced outsourcing service provider will be able to understand your business requirements and ensure that data meets the expectation levels.

 Better Focus on Core Competency

With an outsourcing company taking care of your data entry and related works, your staffs can focus better on their core competencies rather than trying to figure out how to crack data entry without affecting quality and deadlines.

 Meet Compliance

Businesses need to submit various forms and information with different government authorities on a regular basis. Most offices have made digital data submission mandatory. With the help of the best data entry firm, businesses can ensure compliance.


India has been providing data entry outsourcing services and other BPO services for more than a decade now. Data entry is a challenging and time-consuming process and hence most companies prefer to outsource their work. Thanks to Indian outsourcing partners, many businesses across the world are enjoying the benefits of quality data made accessible all the time.

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