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Offshore Online Data Entry is a renowned BPO service provider in the international market. We ensure to creation of honest, trustworthy, and long-term professional relationships with our clients by delivering a quality enriched output within the desired time. Before you explore our services, we would like you to take a look at our terms and conditions, so that you will be familiar with our legal framework.

Privacy and confidentiality are two important aspects of our business. Below mentioned are certain terms and conditions, which are considered to be a legal agreement between you and Offshore Online Data Entry. The content displayed is well-protected by the Copyright and Trademark Law.


Every time you visit our website and explore our services and content, you are abiding by the terms and conditions of Offshore Online Data Entry. If you feel that the terms or conditions are not meant for you or are irrelevant, kindly ignore to visit our website. Violating our terms and conditions might land you in legal trouble.


Use our website at your own risk. The services mentioned on the website will be offered with the perfect quality. We do not believe in making any warranty or developing any sort of demonstration.


Initially, just for one time, we will give you permission to download the information from the website. You are restricted from utilizing the material for any public display or transferring the material to another source. Removal of any kind of copyright from the material is also against our terms and conditions.


We haven’t come across the display of any external links (such as the links to other websites) on the official website of Offshore Online Data Entry. We strictly do not approve the promotion of any other content or brand on our website.


We are not responsible for any damage caused by the negligence of the users or visitors. No matter, even if you have informed us about the damage to our representative, we still shall not be responsible.

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All the requests concerned with Offshore Online Data Entry are strictly controlled under the laws formulated by the Government of India.


We might make the necessary changes or remove the unwanted content, without any prior notice given to the visitors. Certain times, we tend to make quick and immediate decisions, thus, failing to inform the visitors or clients about the amendments. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!


The content displayed on the website might not be 100% perfect in terms of typography. Kindly ignore the errors as we will be updating the website soon. We might make the changes without any prior notice or as per our convenience. Revisions might take time, as we give equal importance to the undertaken work by our clients.