Privacy Policy – The Key to Safeguard Your Documents

The concept of ‘Privacy’ is given prime importance in Offshore Online Data Entry. We have marked a remarkable presence in the industry for the past few years and we have strived our best to manage and preserve the documents and crucial data. Just place your trust and we will hold on to your expectations.

Our well-drafted privacy policies will protect the personal details and data of our valuable clients. If you are worried about PII (Personal Identifiable Information), then, relax yourself as our privacy norms will take care of your information on a digital platform.

Our Privacy Policy

Before gathering the information from the client, we give an in-depth report on why or for what purpose is the data being collected. We usually require the client to offer the details such as name, e-mail address, or contact number.
We do not collect the necessary personal information without the consent of our clients. We respect your privacy and do not wish to force you to provide us with the details.
We ensure not to disclose or misuse your personal details such as your email address or contact number. We acquire your personal details under the CAN-SPAM Act.
We abide by the Children’s Online Protection Act while collecting the information from kids below the age of 13 years.
We ensure to follow loyal and legal procedures and methods, in order to gather information from our clients.
We expect our clients to offer us accurate, factual, and trustworthy information and expect our clients not to mislead us.
Once we gather your data, it will be safe from any external or internal threats including theft, loss of data due to natural calamities, or unauthorized access.
Along with protecting the data, we also believe in safeguarding the identity of our client and also strive towards improving our relationship with them.
We do not utilize any cookies or do not involve any third-party products on our website.
We do not require your credit card numbers or PINs. Thus, do not offer such highly confidential details.
In case, you want to subscribe or unsubscribe from our services, drop us an email at [email protected]

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