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Offshore Online Data Entry: Accuracy, Reliability, Efficiency. Delivered.

As a leading BPO company, we offer comprehensive data management services. With expertise in data entry, data processing, web research, financial and accounting tasks, and document digitization, we serve business needs across various industries. Explore More!

Data Entry

Data Entry Services

The expert data entry provider specializes in converting handwritten documents or audio files into digital format, whether it’s text or numerical data. Our team efficiently manages large volumes of data at affordable rates.
Data Processing

Data Processing Services

With excellent experience in data collection, management, and disclosure, our team will increase your business’s productivity. Our streamlined processing empowers your decision-making process, facilitating informed choices for greater efficiency.

web/Internet Research

Web Research Services

Online research is the least expensive method of research available today. However, it is quite beneficial for generating new leads, increasing revenue, and enhancing corporate activities. We specialize in offering reasonably priced web research, and other related services.

Data Digitization

Document Digitization Services

Our document digitization services facilitate the transition to a paperless environment, enhancing accessibility and efficiency in managing documents. By digitizing records, we help organizations optimize their workflows and minimize storage costs.


Finance and Accounting Services

Count on us for precise, punctual, and regulatory-compliant financial management, empowering you to make informed decisions and propel your business toward success.

Conversion Services

Data Conversion Services

We specialize in converting data from one format to another, ensuring smooth compatibility and accessibility across various platforms. Rest assured, our process is characterized by accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality.

OCR ICR Services

Scanning and Indexing

We streamline your document management process by converting physical documents into digital format and organizing them systematically. With our expertise, you can efficiently retrieve, search, and manage your documents, improving productivity and reducing operational costs.

Virtual Assistance Services.

Virtual Assistance Services

Virtual assistance services involve providing administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely. These services are typically offered by skilled professionals who work from their own location, using technology to communicate and collaborate with clients.

Data Annotation Services

Data Annotation Services

Annotation services are indispensable across industries like healthcare, autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, and natural language processing. These sectors heavily rely on accurately labeled data to optimize the performance of machine learning models.


Business Priorities

Our team at Offshore Online Data Entry, ensure to create a robust location strategy in order to meet the demands and requirements of the client’s business while still delivering the excellent benefits at a low cost.

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Ensuring Compliance

We ensure complete compliance and meet all the necessary statutory and legal regulations of a specific location, in which we operate.

Risk-Sharing Agreements

We offer an adjustable pricing and contract policy and undertake the risk for delivering the cost savings and performance agreement.

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Today, we are living in a world dominated by digital technology. Every firm and entrepreneur has started adopting the concept of ‘go-digital’ and ‘go-paperless’, to strive hard in the competitive market.

If you are seeking a partner who would assist you with the perfect conversion of your business in a digitized manner, this is the right place. Offshore Online Data Entry aims to offer an extraordinary range of IT, BPO Processes, Data Entry, Web Research, and all types of support solutions to all globally placed customers.

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Our expert team utilizes all the contemporary tools and technology to generate the best result.


Delivering a reliable and factual set of information at a low cost. Keep trust and hire us.

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We Enhance Efficiency;Productivity;Accuracy

Offshore Online Data Entry is an efficient data entry provider to meet all your BPO and IT-related outsourcing solutions at a low cost. We are well-specialized in offering a varied range of customized and accurate solutions, to achieve your goal.

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