Customs Brokerage Services

Customs Brokerage Services focus on the shipping and delivery of the goods across a wide geographical area, for different individuals and firms. Customs laws are based on the successful import and export of the goods, and they change constantly and frequently.

As the digitization is creeping into the business sectors, the transactions related to the shipping and custom clearance procedures are being shifted to the online platform. Today, the industry of customs brokerage faces a lot of challenges.

Due to the increasing challenges, it has become essential to outsource the customs brokerage BPO services and customs document processing to increase the efficiency and to offer a hassle-free output. Offshore Online Data Entry has emerged out to be well-known and successful outsourcing service provider of customs brokerage BPO.

Customs Brokerage BPO Services

We have a team of skilled and efficient specialists who ensure to offer a timely and flawless output to all the clients, irrespective of how small or big their requirements are. You can help your clients with customs documentation and we will help you to serve your clients more effectively and in a far better way.

Our BPO Support Services for Customs Brokerage are:

  • Customs data generation
  • Determining the tariff treatment
  • Assembling the information from various document sources
  • Bill of lading data entry

Our other essential services under customs brokerage BPO services are:

  • B3 form generation – Our B3 form processing services will assist the customs brokers to increase the shipments through customs. Our B3 form processing involves the following stages:
  • Shipped documents are scanned into images
  • Indexing and sorting of the documents
  • Verification of the document sets
  • Entering the data into B3 form
  • Quality check
  • Customs invoice processing – It includes services such as separating the multiple numbers of the documents and then carrying out a complete indexing, RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) front end entry, Harmonized system code classification, and much more.
  • Additional services – Our additional services catering to your customs brokerage BPO services requirements are invoicing, data conversion, and much more.

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