What Will Be the Cost to Develop A Marketplace App?

cost develop marketplace app

With the growth of internet services and the digital era, there are millions and millions of active users on the web. Previously, the difference between online marketplace stores and the one-seller online shopping stores was a minute one but presently, with the emergence of the digitized world, there’s a huge gap between them. So, if you are seeking to create a marketplace app similar to Amazon, collaborating with a professional app development company can be of greater prominence.

Before dive into the subject matter, here’s a brief on ‘Marketplace App’!

The marketplace app works a bit differently. Within the marketplace app, there are numerous variations that depend upon the product type, size, kind of promotions, and so on. Marketplace apps including Amazon have the capability of attending to all concerns of the marketers, related to the online shopping apps. In the present business scenario, most of the customers prefer to install an app that renders a wide range of products. This has led to the emergence of numerous marketplace platforms including the numerous apps available.

App Cost

Precisely, the cost of an app, including mobile apps, depending upon its features and other elements. There is a cost difference between both the eCommerce app and the marketplace app.

Now, here’s a look at the features of the marketplace app that will be incorporated by the best mobile app development companies worldwide. These features involve various pricing strategies and hence, the cost can fluctuate easily.

You can blend in with the below-mentioned features to develop a marketplace app like Amazon.

Easy Registration

Most of the marketplace apps lack the knowledge involved in designing the registration page. This is regarded to be one of the prime reasons for customers uninstalling mobile apps. But things started changing. Presently, the app development companies intend to integrate social media accounts while creating the registration page. This will eliminate the need to fill pages of personal data. Once the app is installed, the customers need to make easy registration via few clicks that will connect their Facebook, Twitter, or other social media accounts to the app. The complete thought behind such a process is to keep the registration procedure simple and hassle-free. The customers need not spend their valuable time, waiting for the registration to be done.

Various Payment Facility

It has been noted that various customers prefer diverse payment modes. Apart from having a debit or credit card option, it has become necessary to integrate the other diversified payment gateway integrations within the app. It will enable your customers to choose a payment mode of their choice and will render them with a sense of satisfaction. Hence, if you are preparing to develop a marketplace app similar to the Amazon, etc. ensure to integrate diversified payment facilities such as PayPal, COD (cash on delivery), etc.

Integration of Social Media

The eCommerce stores and the social media platforms have been dependent on each for quite a long time. The renowned mobile app development companies will help you to easily integrate the social media accounts within your app, just with a click. Social media is widely used in the marketing phase, enabling the customers to initiate the promotion of their purchased products, sharing referral coupons, and spreading the promotion amid the social media domain.

Now, let’s see how much does it cost for building a marketplace app?

The cost involved in creating a marketplace app can be segregated into three parts – Wireframe, Design, and Development. A successful offshore-based mobile app development firm can help you with the challenges of cost decisions.

  1. Wireframe – It is a process wherein a template of the app is made to send out an idea to the developers regarding the turnout of the app. The complete process of wireframing might cost around $800-$1000.

  2. Designing – A lot of flexibility and versatility ideas might go into the creation of a marketplace app. The designing is a crucial element as it should have the potential to target the right audience with its appealing features. It might incur a cost of $7000 to $10000.

  3. Development – This is the turning point in the creation of a marketplace app as your design gets coded into a completely and perfectly functioning mobile app. The cost incurred on this phase is depended upon two factors, the first one being the number of resources and the second being the diversified range of functionalities.

To Conclude

It is to be noted that running apps such as Amazon or similar ones on a single platform isn’t a possible way out. Hence, such apps should be run on various platforms and these should be widely utilized as per your budget. Offshore Online Data Entry is one of the globally recognized mobile app development outsourcing company with a storehouse of dedicated app developers and software professionals. To design your dream marketplace app, feel free to share your thoughts and requirements with us at [email protected]

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