Top Future Trends in Software development 2018

Technology innovations are constantly changing the way the world progresses. The last decade has been significantly faster in terms of technology developments and the resultant changes across the world. Communication has become much faster and more convenient thanks to technology. Retails have moved from brick and mortar to ecommerce and the traditional retail shops are considered specialty experience centers for customers. Businesses are moving into virtual offices and money has become cryptocurrency! Such an important change is seen in the field of outsourcing too. More businesses want to benefit from software development outsourcing instead of maintaining an in-house IT team which is quite expensive. Here are the top trends in Software development you will see in 2018:

Software development

AI Adoption is no more a choice

Artificial Intelligence has become quite common among technology companies. But the good news is that every business that adopts technology will also adopt AI soon. The benefits of AI are well-known now and hence, more businesses will need their offshore software outsourcing partners to include AI in their BI solutions. AI will unleash bigger opportunities that the businesses miss out now. AI will offer better predictions based on information and not on assumptions and experience! Data-driven businesses are more likely to be successful in a highly competitive global market.

 VR goes mainstream

Virtual Reality was till recently considered to be a niche for real estate and gaming industries. But VR will now take over Education, entertainment, ecommerce and manufacturing industries apart from many more to come. VR will offer the perfect simulations and experience in a safe and cost-effective manner. Already aviation industry is using VR for their training. More domains will see better use of VR soon.

 IoT becomes more common

IoT has already become common. While it is still expensive for a lot of people and fail to connect with the available facilities, with the help of offshore software development partners, businesses can now use IoT more effectively. There’s more data available which offers critical insights into the customer behavior. Predictive maintenance, automation and better customer experience will be more practically made available with better IoT.

 Cybersecurity is a necessity

As the world is adopting connectivity in every element, almost all devices are connected to the internet. More people are using the internet for anything and everything they do from money transactions, entertainment, education, trade, business, and communication. There’s a lot of high-value information and money that is dealt with on the internet these days. Data is the most precious asset for businesses. Hackers and fraudsters are making the most of the online transactions. There’s a lot at stake and hence cybersecurity has become a mandatory requirement. In 2018, more businesses will invest heavily on cybersecurity.

 Blockchains are in Demand

Blockchains offer a much secure way of dealing with data and money. Many businesses including banks and government organizations are shifting to blockchain technology to offer data privacy and more efficient customer experience. More businesses require their software outsourcing company to offer blockchain technology to ensure data privacy while also providing better access to information.

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