Top 6 Mobile App Development Trends to be Looked Out in 2020!

mobile app development trends buinesses succeed 2020

The mobile app development trends in the business is changing continuously with the emergence of innovations and ideas. Presently, every organization is trying to create a mobile app that fits into their business functioning and enhances the growth and ability to reach their target audiences. The mobile app industry is regarded to be one of the fastest-growing vertical worldwide.

Incorporating the simply designed mobile apps into your business won’t serve the purpose. You need to have a deeper understanding of the latest mobile app trends to boost your business growth and success. The emerging and changing consumer demands have a direct impact on mobile app development.

Generally, most of the organizations hire a mobile app development company to develop a unique and interactive app for keeping up with the new trend and improving brand recognition.

Here’s a look at the top mobile app development trends to be considered in 2020!

Beacon Technology – This is one of the significant app development trends that is largely accepted by the healthcare sector and hotel groups. It is largely used in proximity marketing and location-based technology. Beacons are the wireless transmitters and it makes the optimal utilization of the Bluetooth facility for sending out the signals. The technology can send an easy notification to the user about the sale or a special product in the store. It is also beneficial in tracking down the behavior of the buyers along with enhancing the customer experience within the mobile app. Research reveals that the idea and implementation of beacon technology are trending at a rapid speed. The beacon technology trends to be witnessed in 2020 includes AI-based chips, automated machine learning, and mobile payment beacons

Mobile Commerce – Mobile commerce trend has been existing for the past few years and will continue to grow in 2020. Mobile apps are being generated for maximizing the revenue. It is one of the foremost functionalities that are essential in driving more sales. Implementing the mobile commerce trend into your app development strategy will help your organization to stay competitive in the long run. It is estimated by the end of 2020, a majority of the eCommerce sales will be generated through mobile devices and smartphones. It is to be noted that mobile app developments will be playing a crucial role in the present and future success of an online store.

EMM and APM – Enterprise mobile management and application performance management are the two essential components of mobile app development that will find a long way in the upcoming years. APM was introduced to keep a check and reduce the slow-down performance of an app and it aided in the instant and hassle-free app functioning. Owing to its exclusive features and functionalities, APM is regarded to be a quality control checker for the mobile app testing process. On the other hand, the EMM (enterprise mobile management) is an established platform that enables the organizations to keep the mobile devices used by the employees secure and boosts the mobile computing practice. EMM assists the employees to be more productive as it facilitates the exchange of data or application over the mobile devices. Both the components (EMM and APM) helps in managing the finances and maintaining the app.

AI and Mobile App – Artificial intelligence is a newly emerged trend that helps in creating smarter and efficient mobile apps for your business. Initially, when we think of artificial intelligence or the machine learning concept, what is the first thing that peeps into our minds? Siri and Alexa? Yes, it is, for most of them. But, in reality, artificial intelligence in app development goes far beyond such concepts. AI can boost the performance of a mobile app and 2020 is the year wherein AI is predicted to bring huge transformations in the backend development and frontend user experience. The trending AI features to be incorporated into the mobile app development includes face detection, speech recognition, predictive maintenance, text, and image classification.

IoT Integration – The increasing demand for mobile app development needs have created numerous scopes for the IoT (internet of things) concept. Today, people try to integrate all the trending technologies to enhance their lifestyle. IoT is a group of network devices that are well-connected to the Internet and offering a convenient control to the users. One of the finest and recent innovations of IoT in mobile app development includes the rise of smart home technology. The developments in the mobile app can be used in connecting the home security systems, unlocking a front door, etc. Sectors such as automobiles, household devices, healthcare firms, etc. will benefit a lot from the IoT app integration in the coming years.

5G Technology – The rise of 5G technology is going to be one of the notable trends in the mobile app development arena. The mobile app builders have considered this aspect to be a profitable one for the coming future. The speed of the 5G network is predicted to be 100 times faster than the 4G network performance. By the end of 2020, we can witness a huge shift from the 4G mobile devices to the 5G-based ones. 5G technology will also bring a greater impact on the other aspects of mobile app development such as improved data security, 3D gaming facility, augmented reality, etc.

With the emerging trends and innovations, mobile app development will be expanding at a rapid pace amid the global business. Hiring a mobile app development company will endow your business with an affordable app development cost. Offshore Online Data Entry is one of the well-established mobile app development service providers, keeping pace with the ongoing trends for rendering the best and client-satisfied result. Our experts possess the right capability of finding the perfect mobile app development trends that would benefit your organization. For further details, feel free to get in touch with our team at [email protected]

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