Things to Consider While Opting for an Offline Data entry Service provider

Data entry is done both ways, online and offline from different sources as scripts, forms, surveys, books, etc. Offline data entry comprises of untapped data lying in business cards, survey forms, application forms, etc. This data needs to be compiled for the organization to keep tabs on market trend, check customer preferences and at the same time make sure customer related information is easily accessible. Though the term offline refers to no internet usage, in offline data entry service we do involve computer and software.

Check the Accuracy

Always keep a check on the pattern of data entered. Make sure the data entered works on the main issues. Also, the data should help in making sound decisions and minimize the risk of any wrong predictions.

Multiple Formats

The outsourcing company provides data entry for different file formats such as HTML, jpeg, txt, doc etc. based on the business requirements. There are many companies which give best quality offline data entry services in the competitive world, but certain things need to be considered when opting for it and choosing a reliable outsourcing partner.

Offline-Data-entry-ServiceAnalysis Technique

When the data is monitored continuously then any loophole or issue can be fixed. The company needs to check that the service provider has the proper methodology to do this task. There is taxonomy analysis and Data event analysis which can be analyzed once data entering is done and some error is encountered.

Periodic Checks and Reviews

The organization should make sure that redundant and obsolete data is not entered when they outsource offline data entry. If this happens then even though resource would be dedicated for this work, it will result in loss of productive time. Here the thing which needs to be checked is that relevant data is entered in the first place. This can be done by reviewing the service provider’s work. So, the most important thing is to periodically monitor the work.


Though the manual data entry process has its own advantages though chances of error increases. So, the outsourcing firm should have an automated process in place. This will help in reducing errors and in an accurate entry.

When offshore offline data entry work is done then the organization has some burden off their shoulders. The service provider cuts down the cost involved and helps in faster task completion. The following points further help an organization choose the best outsourcing partner to manage offline data input:

  • An organization should see what type of data the company is going to enter in the database. The firms should have experience in this type of project as if this is not the case then the company cannot do justice to this project because of inexperience.
  1. If any type of rules needs to be followed before closing the deal everything should be checked.

  2. It should be made sure that the firm manages everything as per the requirement and be clear about the expectation set.

  3. The organization should be experienced in handling customized data entry solutions and should be able to meet the requirements without any difficulty.

Considering above mentioned points organizations can easily search an offline data entry service provider which fits in the requirement.

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