Top IT Outsourcing Trends that Can Impact Business in 2020

IT Outsourcing Trends

Almost a decade ago, business organizations have used technology as a tool. But with years passing by, technology has evolved at a faster rate. Now we know where it is heading one can tell about the future and find the changes which are going to take place. IT outsourcing services being a part of this technology advancement can be identified as a major trend which will impact the businesses in 2020. Companies are waiting for these new trends to be adapted and this new year will show a partnership developed between the outsourcing service provider and the organization as innovation friendly.

Reduced focus on cost

Outsourcing is opted for reducing the cost. In the upcoming year, this will not be a deciding factor and the relationship would be more process oriented. The organization would focus on the quality of the product delivered. A competent outsourcing service provider will work as a partner for their clients and the focus will be more on giving value-added service.

Other IT outsourcing options

From the last decade country like India and China have been the leading business outsourcing services countries but these countries will face competition from the eastern and central Europe companies in the coming years. The number of software developers is growing in these countries and they would readily start working in the coming years.

Multiple outsourcing

Organizations are not always having resources with required technical skills and hiring an in-house team could not also fulfil the demands. This leads the organizations to opt for BPO services from different companies. In the future, the goal will be to partner with a company that expertise in a specific area, so the focus will be more on the specialization and the companies will have a fair survival chance in the competitive market.

Change in contract models

IT service providers and organizations are looking for a change in the contract models. This will make the service provider focus more on value-additions and result-oriented. The main part of the contract will be procurement. There will be an increase in competition between different outsourcing service providers.

Cloud computing

The demand for cloud computing will increase in the coming years with all the work moving on the cloud. With the increase in cloud outsourcing companies will work on cloud platforms and it will be necessary to have the right resources to work.

Web apps

Web apps are included in the mobile version of popular sites. Such web apps will be also used in other industries like banking, healthcare, and e-commerce. This will make such websites easy to use and the companies cannot avoid this as it will be in huge demand. The reason being more pocket-friendly.

Smart apps

The number of phone apps has increased over the years. This growth is related to Internet of Things in the market. From which the connected device demand has increased, and people are more focusing on such apps that work in this scenario. The investment in the IoT field is increasing exponentially and will continue to do so.

Modern IT outsourcing companies must be updated with these BPO trends in the changing market to understand what their customers are asking for and have a more customer-focused approach. Learning the new techniques and working on strategies will make IT outsourcing companies leaders in the next decade.

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