Frequently Asked Questions

In today’s competitive business environment, most businesses are approaching the concept of ‘outsourcing’ their cumbersome tasks. But there are still a lot of firms who would like to outsource but aren’t aware of how and when to do it. Most entrepreneurs believe ‘outsourcing’ to be a ‘big’ term and thus, they step back from the process.

Offshore Online Data Entry is a renowned outsourcing service provider, catering to all your needs at an affordable price. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions by our clients or actual customers, before hiring our services.

1. Who Are We?

Offshore Online Data Entry is the best-known BPO service provider in the global market. We have been in the industry for the past few years and our office is located in the City of Thousand Temples, Kanchipuram (India). We are well possessed with contemporary technologies and advanced tools and software. We have hired a team of trained, skilled, and highly committed staff who ensure to deliver the best output. Remember, our main focus is to enhance your productivity at a low price.

2. Mention the services that you are well-known for!

BPO Services

  • Data Entry Services.
  • Data Processing Services.
  • Data Conversion Services.
  • Finance and Accounting Services.
  • Scanning and Indexing Services.
  • Web Research Services.
  • Document Digitization Services.
  • Virtual Assistance Services.
  • Data Annotation Services.

3. What are the methods used to handle the projects of our clients?

Once we accept your project, our team ensures complete consistency, so as to deliver a quality-enriched output. We generate the final output, after the completion of a couple of stages such as passing the trial run, conversion of the project, project management, and building an effective customer relationship.

4. Do you offer the services at an affordable price?

Most of them approached us with a curious query after going through our rate card. Don’t be amazed! Yes, we offer our commendable services at a low price, without making a change in the quality of the output. You can easily enjoy a benefits discount on availing our services.

5. Is there any non-disclosure agreement?

Yes! We offer our clients with the non-disclosure agreement, before the commencement of any project. It helps both the client and us, to carry a hassle-free project.

6. Are your employees well-qualified?

100% yes! We hire trained and skilled employees who are selected only after passing a couple of tests and selection rounds. They are given frequent training regarding how to handle a project and are also updated about the latest technologies and software advancements.

7. How about the output delivery time?

This is the perfect place wherein you can achieve the final output within the desired time. Our team strives their best to deliver the result ahead of the scheduled delivery time.

8. Do you have the latest technologies and tools?

At Offshore Online Data Entry, we utilize the contemporary technologies and the sophisticated tools to deliver the output. We help our clients to save a large amount of time and expenses in terms of expensive software and tools.

9. What are the features of your security scheme?

You can enjoy a prime importance regarding the security of your documents and data. We ensure complete confidentiality and privacy of your every document. The non-disclosure agreement, password protected systems, anti-virus software, and VPN are few of the security measures adopted by Offshore Online Data Entry. We also have the surveillance cameras to monitor the internal and company surrounding movements.

10. What would be the mode of payment?

We accept the payment either by cheque or via wire transfer. In case, you want the payment to be made through any other mode, you can consult with our marketing team.

11. How to approach us to experience our valuable services?

You can visit our website at or drop us an email with your requirements at [email protected]

Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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