A cargo ship sinking due to a data entry error

Join us as we uncover a real-life incident that highlights the consequence of a simple data entry error that made a ship sink. This tragic accident has made people think and understand the importance of outsourcing logistics data entry services to BPO services. However, let’s unmask the chain of events and conclude some facts from the incidents. Let’s delve into the finer points that led to the tragedy and learn how to evade them.

        I.            Typing mistakes
data entry error

Data entry accuracy plays a crucial role in the world of shipping and logistics, even the tiniest of errors can make things go south. Manual entry of data shipments and addresses is a tedious process that requires a lot of attention. So, you have to give the necessary training to resolve errors that arise from typing.

For example, cargo shipping has to deal with a lot of tracking that involves coordinates of ports, barges, islands, etc. So, these suppliers mostly depend on logistics data entry operators in order to assign location and shipment data. When a person makes a mistake in coordinates, the cargo can end up in an accurate location where they have to deal with high tides or go through tough situations.

To eliminate these kinds of errors, Expert BPO service providers use the latest software and applications powered by AI, ML, and other techs that can self-learning abilities to deal with complex tasks with accurate outputs.

      II.            Incorrect cargo information
The Impact of Incorrect Cargo Information on Shipping and Logistics

Shipping and logistics have to collect, ship, and deliver packages that can weigh from 50 kg to 1000 tonnes. The sender and receiver are the only ones aware of the nature of the package held inside the cargo. Packages can be categorized into different types according to weight, dimensions, or state of matter.

The shipping and logistics department outsources these everyday tasks such as indexing, labeling, data entry, etc. Accurate scanning and labeling services enable these operators to carry out tasks that include stock checking, labeling, indexing, fixing QR codes, and inventory crosschecks.

Inaccurate labeling, indexing, and inventory checks of stocks can put you in serious situations. For example, hazardous oil spills, tank leaks, explosions, implosions, etc. Inaccurate labeling and indexing is one of the main factors behind this. Inaccurate quality checks, labeling, indexing, or data entry mistakes often result in hazard indications being left unimportant or unmarked. So, a lot of people’s lives are at stake due to the lack of simple quality checks.

There exists a broad range of services tailored to manage supply chain data management operations accurately. They use the latest technology, such as ICR, OCR, Data analytics, and other custom applications to simplify operations.

    III.            Inaccurate Weight and Balance Data
cargo shipping and logistics

Accurate weight and balance data is crucial in cargo shipping and logistics. In bad weather conditions, logistics personnel have to deliver large containments and cargo from one port to another port. So, vessel dimensions and weight should be accurate to ensure safe transportation of goods. Vessel stability is crucial in shipping and logistics because unbalanced shipments can make situations worse in bad ocean conditions.

Human errors and traditional technology standards are some of the reasons behind such incidents. Manual typing inaccuracies, inadequate weighing equipment or tools, and inaccurate balance sheets pose severe risks to logistics operations. Cargo instability compromises the capsizing and stability of the vessel, which poses a threat to the crews onboard. In addition, ignoring these basic checks can lead to dangers to marine life.

BPO services such as automated data entry, quality and audit services, training, and consultancy services can bring massive improvements in operations. Moreover, by leveraging trending technology and personalized services from expert BPO service providers, shipping document errors can be prevented to a great extent.

    IV.            Miscommunication of orders and Instructions

Clear and concise instructions ensure that the goods are collected, placed, and delivered at the right place. Delivering accurate information to the right person at the right time is a crucial role. Logistics personnel rely on clear and accurate delivery instructions. So, logistics personnel deliver goods to the right location, at the right time, and in the right condition.

Unclear messages cause delays in the delivery process that result in potential losses. Dissatisfied customers and missed deadlines happen due to unclear responses. As a result, they have to alter operational cycles such as re-routing, delays, and redelivery. Inventory tracking mistakes lead to flawed stock levels where companies have to do regular upsizing and downsizing of stocks. This ends up in additional costs, time, and reputation of your business.

Outsourcing logistics operations to expert BPO providers enables the business to manage supply chain operations without facing legal issues, missed deadlines, and financial losses. Data entry outsourcing can sort all these issues out without hindering shipping and logistics operations.

FAQ questions related to the incident

Q. How did the typo happen, and who was responsible for it?

A: The typo in the shipping document could be the result of an inaccurate data entry process. Typing errors commonly occur due to fatigue or lack of concentration. We can consider these errors as the main factors here. This incident should serve as a reminder not to rely solely on manual typing but to adapt to the latest trends, such as AI, machine learning, and other technologies that are currently trending. Experienced outsourcing solutions assist the shipping and logistics department in maintaining accurate database management with the latest tech tools, ensuring the shipment’s safety and security.

Q: What were the consequences and impacts of the shipwreck and the explosion?

A: The consequence of the shipwreck that led to the explosion was tragic! Just think of the lives lost. Furthermore, the root cause is even more distressing. An accident that includes 33 tragic deaths is all because of a minute typing error. Furthermore, the company suffered a loss of reputation as authorities held them accountable for inaccurate documentation and a threat to marine ecosystems. Shipping and logistics departments all over the globe widely choose document outsourcing, and this lesson is one of the prime reasons for it. Their expert team can handle complex situations and work under pressure to ensure safety.

Q: How did the authorities and the public react to the incident?

The shipwreck incident shook and grieved the public. People were so concerned because of the tragic death toll, and a special investigation team was appointed to determine why the ship sank and root for the tragic accident. In addition, the public showed sincere interest or curiosity to find responsible parties accountable for the wreckage. Due to this incident, all ports and logistics departments implemented strict rules and practices for improved document management. Outsourcing partners is the best choice for logistics and supply chain business as their expert team can assist in better compliance with regulations and protocols.

Q: What lessons were learned, and what measures were taken to prevent such errors in the future?

A: All cargo and shipping industries that don’t prioritize accurate data management should take this accident as a wake-up call. The tragic incident that involved 33 souls enabled businesses to implement robust safety measures in all workplaces. Ever since that tragic accident, people began to prioritize the importance of data entry quality control quality checks and doing document audits before document dispatch. Outsourcing data entry allows suppliers to harness the perks of working under expert teams.

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